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Thread: Hello!

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    Jul 2011


    Hello everybody!

    I'm Steve, new to coin roll hunting. I have actually been living abroad for the past two years and have just moved to a small town in Pennsylvania (like under 20,000 people, about 0 attractions, etc). There is nothing to do here and I basically have to sit around until I go to California in September for college, so I was thinking about coin roll hunting, which I actually have been for a little while. It will give me something fun to spend my time on and with today's silver prices a piece of free silver is nothing to complain about I have actually been a numismatist for some time so I know some stuff about coins in general and I've been reading posts on here. It seems that if I buy half dollars I will get the most silver? But just to add to my collection in general I will also occasionally be buying other denominations, especially pennies for the bullion value of the pennies before 1982. The only good thing about being in such a tiny town I guess is that I can basically walk around town with a backpack to visit all the banks (assuming I can stand the heat while I am carrying all those coins, of course!), so no paying for gas! I like to observe things closely so I don't think I would carelessly throw a possible keeper back into the wild.

    I am actually on a trip right now but I will be back home next week and sure to start then! I am sure I will find questions to ask you guys later.

    So really all you need to do is go up to a teller with $100 or something (or $500 ideally I guess) and just ask if they have half dollars? And also, since I live in such a small place I am hoping to get lucky in the sense that nobody else had the same ideas as me, and perhaps there is a lot of silver to be found there? And wondering also, what kinds of really crazy things have you guys found?

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    Feb 2011
    Orem, Utah
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Re: Hello!

    Never ignore Dimes either. While my 2 Half Dollar boxes today contained no Silver, I was able to find 11 Silver Dimes by searching about $1250 in Dimes. Dimes are searched very fast if you know what you're doing. And you're going to need a place to deposit the coins after you're done searching. But yes, you just walk in with your cash and ask for Halves. I personally always ask for Dimes after asking for Halves.

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    K is offline
    Never forget to check your change!

    Jul 2011
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Re: Hello!

    Whats up Steve? I'm somewhat new to forum and I'm just learning too! I'm only 15 so compared to these guys I'm just a baby CRH'er anyways Welcome to the forum! I suggest you read the beginners guide. If you still have questions, these guys (and gals) can answer them, they are like coin gurus! I probably can't and wont give you the best info, but I can be sure you'll be happy when you hit your first treasure! But please be patient! It will suck when you keep getting skunks but keep trying!! Oh and guess what? this is one of the few hobbies that pays itself, pun intended

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    Jul 2011
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Re: Hello!

    Welcome aboard!

    My advice, start with dimes, because you'll average 1-2 a box ($500). Then you will get your confidence up knowing that finding silver is not a myth. Then go to halves (alot more volatile, alot more skunks than dimes, more reward though). Generally, $500 is the minumum "bankroll" to make it worth the effort imo. I hunt a minimum of $5K/week, $20K/month and I do fairly well with my pirating silver.

    Remember Rule #1 of CRH, don't mention CRH!!!!! You are now a "coin collector" to all outsiders. lol

    Good luck, keep us posted...we love pics


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    Apr 2011
    Rockmart, GA

    Re: Hello!

    Hello Steve

    Just got my feet finally wet this week...Got $200
    worth of halves and was skunked Why the smiley
    face U ask? I finally took the plunge and feel great. Welcome 2
    the forum and good hunting 2 U my friend

    Jr. Flip CRHunter AKA Wayne

    PS: We'll B posting success B 4 2 long
    Hava great weekend

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    Dec 2008
    St. Augustine, FL
    1062 times

    Re: Hello!

    Welcome to the madness, Steve. Read the Beginner's Guide and read this forum. Learn from the Vets and don't be afraid to ask questions. Just make sure your question hasn't been asked a dozen times in the past 6 months. By the way, being that your young, you get a pass this time. You said you are a numismatist. No self-respecting numismatist calls our cents pennies. It is what separates us from the chaff.

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    Dec 2010
    5 times

    Re: Hello!

    where in california are you gonna be attending school?

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    Jul 2011

    Re: Hello!

    Ooh thanks for the catch Diver Down, I'll have to make sure not to make that mistake in the future

    One thing I was wondering... you all seem to say don't dump the coins at the same place you got them, so how do you find a good dump bank? I just worry about using a dump bank that possibly has a horde of silver I don't know about because I never bought coins from them.

    To Agro, I will be going to school in beautiful San Diego

    So mleblanc, do you personally just open the rolls and look for silver edges, and not check the coins for errors, rarities, etc?

    I have a book of coin errors, pretty much telling of various errors of all modern denominations (like cents after 1959, dimes & quarters after 1964, etc). Do you think it is worth searching through all the coins to try to find those? Obviously some of them I don't count on ever finding, but there are some pretty crazy errors that it lists, like silver quarters from 1965. Wouldn't it be crazy to find one of them?

    And speaking of crazy coin finds I am really quite interested what are the craziest finds you've had?

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    Jan 2010
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    Re: Hello!

    Welocome to the forum. Great to see young guys like you and K getting started in coin collecting.
    Be patient and persistent. That's the best advice I can give you. San Diego is a beautiful city. I
    lived there from 1985 to 1991. You'll love it.
    All the best to you,

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    Jul 2011

    Re: Hello!

    Thanks rileyboy! I am really excited... both for CRHing and San Diego.

    Now I do have one question. Since I just moved here I don't have any accounts at local banks... Do you think it is important to set one or more up for this hobby? From what I see posted here it looks like it might be a good idea to have an account at the dump bank so they don't get too mad about dumping large amounts of halves?

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    The Mad CRH

    Mar 2011
    Eastern US
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    Re: Hello!

    My advice Stevvc is to create a good relationship with your dump bank. This allows them to "not be mad" at you for bringing in lots of halves. Many members butter the tellers up with chocolates, etc. Also, if you have a good relationship with them they will let you know if someone else brought in halves that you would want to buy and search. My dump bank does this for me. It's all about being friendly and courteous to the tellers.

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    Jun 2011

    Re: Hello!

    Quote Originally Posted by stevvc
    From what I see posted here it looks like it might be a good idea to have an account at the dump bank so they don't get too mad about dumping large amounts of halves?
    It definitely won't hurt. Try to find a bank where the tellers look for/take silver. Those make great dump banks since you'll never get any good customer wrapped rolls there anyway.
    Based upon the following pie chart, silver has quite a way to go still. Pretty technical stuff, I know, but the charts don't lie.


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    Jul 2011

    Re: Hello!

    Cool, thanks for all the advice guys!

    But seriously, is it important to get accounts at some of the banks? You all seem to say that they will be happy to get rid of halves, but will they feel the same about other denominations? Also, are there any weird little pieces of advice, like if there is a good time of day or week to buy coins or dump them?

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    Let's Do This

    Jul 2011
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Re: Hello!

    2011 Finds (Started in April)
    Wheat Pennies: 105
    War Nickels: 3
    Mercury Dimes: 1
    Silver Roosevelt: 13
    Silver Quarter: 1 (Standing Liberty)
    90% Kennedy: 12
    Franklin: 4
    Walkers: 2
    40% Kennedy:  77
    Kennedy Proofs: 12 (3 Silver)

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    Apr 2011

    Re: Hello!

    Good luck on the new hobby. My first day out I asked for $50 in halves and they had to get them out of the coin counter. I got one 1964 and five 40%ers in that first $50 worth. I was hooked. I eventually cleaned out the bag off that coin counter and got a total of 2 90%ers and 114-%ers.


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