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    Aug 2011
    North Carolina
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    A funny story!

    I bet many of you have found your weight in 1964 nickels. They are everywhere. I find at least one or two every couple rolls I search. Here's a funny story that involves a gold buying party a lady that works next to my wife went to. She came into my wife's office and asked if I still bought coins. When Jennifer told her yes, she proceeds to tell her that she has dug up a huge pile of 1964 nickels and would I be interested. Jennifer calls me and tells me she has 1964 nickels for sale. I'm not sure why I would want any more of these so I ask her why the lady wants to sell them. The lady tells her that she hosted a "Gold Party" at her home and a female buyer came. Her friends bought jewelry and coins to sell and the buyer said they were paying $1 each for 1964 nickels because they were silver. She didn't have any at her own party but spent a few days searching fpr them. She said she searched and found a bag full and went to another "Gold Party" hosted by another of her friend's and the same lady buyer was there. When she presented the bag of 1964 nickels to her, the buyer said that their company had met their quota of those coins and wouldn't be able to pruchase any more.

    Wow, somebody screwed up royaly. I bet the buyer got there butt chewed over paying a buck each for 1964 nickels. Anyway, I told my wife that I wasn't interested in them at this time since they aren't silver and are as common as ticks on a hound dog.

    If any readers are interested, I may be able to let my '64 nickels go for 75cents each!

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    Jul 2011

    Re: A funny story!

    Wow, that's really all I can say.

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    Aug 2011

    Re: A funny story!

    Just goes to show you that just because there are lots of CRH out there, doesen't mean they are pulling all the silver from circulation. I've had lots of people tell me the wrong dates for coins. My buddy found an 1832 half cent that he told me he was selling for $22,000 (He doesn't know I collect). I asked if it was a proof, it was circulated.

    People are sadly misinformed. If only they knew how to use the internet.
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    Sep 2011

    Re: A funny story!

    To to funny! Bet some nice shiny '43 cents would really get them tickled...LOL!

    GMF what part of N.C. are you in?

    I was raised near Murphy N.C.

    Stuck in the middle. It was 20 miles to Murphy, or, 20 to Copperhill, TN.

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    Sep 2011
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    Re: A funny story!

    I always am finding the 64s and at first I kept a couple because of the old year, now I just have 1 and don't bother with any others. No I didn't think they were silver either, just the year was old.



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