I May Be In Love
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    I May Be In Love

    ... with a prospective new bank, that is. For reasons other than just CRH'ing I've been diversifying my accounts, spreading them around between institutions that have a good rating as far as soundness. Been sort of sweating the CU since I first looked up their rating, and I can see why they closed their branch office and dropped their interest rates to non-competitive levels. When they gave me some flack about dumping halves I decided it wasn't worth any more risk, closed the account and transferred the funds.

    Any way, checked out another potential new bank today, found some features I really like, and told them straight up I am a collector and did they accept loose change dumps. They replied very much in the affirmative, even volunteering that they had a guy (past customer now, this area being very transient) who would dump $10K in halves once a month. $10K And they didn't twitch? I may have to open a account just to use them for dumps, though she volunteered that they would also order literally anything I liked, including 'silver dollars.'

    Just have to bag the coin in certain amounts (they gave me the levels for each) and they'll hit me up should there ever be a discrepancy. Otherwise it's a straight deposit. I know the rules about not dumping where you order and truthfully so far ordering is not (much) of a problem, but I have to hit several casinos to dump due to daily limits. One definitely won't take halves and with another it depends on the window person. But ordering Ikes? I promise faithfully I would NEVER dump them back where I got them. Not like anyone around here freaks out when you pay them in Ikes, it's considered par for the course. One casino even tol dme they get a lot of them cashed in. (Oh really, would you mind selling me some?).

    I envy the guys with free change machines in their area. I have to hit multiple casinos to dump, but those days may be over.


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    Re: I May Be In Love


    Does your new bank have a "sister" in Indiana?

    Congrats on the new love!



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