AWESOME BATCH FINALLY!!! First results post in months...(have had no results to post)
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    May 2011
    5 times

    AWESOME BATCH FINALLY!!! First results post in months...(have had no results to post)

    So I started CRH'ing in May of 2011-so over a year ago now, and the very first box I ordered (halves) had 24 Silvers... 1-90% and the rest 40%'ers. It was all down hill from there, and I have done anywhere from 4-12 boxes per week since. I think the best box since that first one was either 12 or 14 silvers, and it only happened a couple times. Until yesterdays 4 boxes that is... I finally had results worth mentioning. Many firsts.... and a new record. So first of all, I order from a BRinks bank, but a handful of times, at my brinks bank, they are LOOMIS boxes, when this happens, the boxes are always dated Aug-Sep of 2002... And they really are from 02, many many BU coins, zero, I repeat zero coins are marked, so that in itself is nice. I have learned not to get all to excited at these 10+ yr old boxes because they aren't as amazing as you would think they should be. (until yesterdays). So I am loading the 4 boxes up in my truck, and I notice through one of the holes, an obverse FRANKLIN ender, I did the happy dance right then and there... I cant help but pop it open and check for enders right there in the parking lot... ONLY 1 ender... bummer. first roll, nothin, second roll.... TRIPLE-awesome, (over half the silvers from that box came in the first 10 rolls, which was good and bad as some of you know what i mean.) The 10th roll was a first for me, it was my first QUADRUPLE, it was also my first multiple FRANKLIN roll, there were 3-FRanks and only 1-40%... beautiful. This box was weird as there were more rolls w/multiple silver than rolls with just one silver, which means most the rolls were skunks (I like referring to rolls as skunks, I have never had good enough results to do that until yesterday). All in all, the first box had 29 silvers, 14 of which were 90%'ers, 11 of those were FRanklins, and 15-40%'ers. *In over a year, I have found exactly 20 franklins from CRH'ing, and in one box I found over half of what took me a year to do up to that point. -crazy. The second box was nice too.. 2 - 40% enders, Total of 21 silvers, only one was a 90% but still awesome results, got my best ever box and my third best box last night. Today I cracked box #3, a little sad but still happy... Only 1-40%. The 4th box is still unopened, I'm almost nervous to open it, Will it be like #1, and #2? Or will it be like #3? I sure hope the first two.

    So in I finally got to post about some good finds, it sure is nice to be able to add so many silvers to the stack in one day of CRH'ing. (50 silvers from the first 2 boxes)-sure felt good to get the boost.

    Happy hunting everyone, good luck.

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    Mar 2012
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    And people forget

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    Feb 2011
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    nice one, hope it is a dream box, if you get any enders please snap some pictures of them
    I have tons of proof enders to upload myself if I ever figure out how to upload them, silver has been super... SUPER dry in my area, there's way too much competion with some people doing 60+ boxes a week .

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    Feb 2012
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    nice man, let us know how the third goes!!!

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    May 2012
    24 times
    Great slump buster! Congrats!
    2012 Half Dollar CRH Totals
    (Beginning May 2012)
    Amount Searched: $6516.00

    '64-'70: 156
    1964: 4
    Bennys: 3
    Walkers: 0
    Clad Proofs: 4
    Silver Proofs: 0

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    Apr 2010
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    Excellant box !!

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    Dec 2009
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    Congrats! You truly deserve it!

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    May 2012
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    Can you please explain what an "ender" is? And congrats sir!

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    Jun 2011
    Rochester Minnesota
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    an ender is a coin that is showing on the end of a roll of coins. thats a very nice score! congrats and hh!
    C'mon, coin. C'mon coin! dang, popta... wait. Is that, YESSSSSS SILVER!!!

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    May 2011
    5 times
    So the last box wasnt much to write home about, -actually not considering the first couple boxes, I would normally be ecstatic about finding 7 silvers in a box so I guess it was pretty awesome still. I am floored about the overall haul from the 4 boxes. Box 4 had 4-90%, and 3-40%, So the total haul from the 4 boxes, is 58 Silvas.... Best part is the ratio: 19-90%'ers, and 39-40%'ers. I know Im a weirdo, but I actually fantasize about being able to find those types of averages over the long run, and if that was the long term average, I would do CRH'ing for a living and I would live like a darn KING... It would be the best job in the world, and I could become wealthy just a couple years of stackin silva found from CRH'ing.

    Happy hunting everyone...

    *I dont know if I'll keep it but I finally added an avatar. It is a picture I snapped of that "BEST ROLL FROM A BOX EVER" -Roll was a QUAD... 3-Franklins and 1-40%....

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    Feb 2011
    1632 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    wow nice profile picture and congrats on an awesome day!
    keep it up, HH Buff



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