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    Proof nickel

    I am sure it has been asked but how do you identify a proof nickel?


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    Well, most modern proofs will have the "s" mint mark, and were not released for circulation. They will be incredibly shiny and have a mirror-like surface to the flat parts of the coin.

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    If you are inquiring about the early Philly proofs versus the business strikes, then it is a bit trickier. They didn't produce proofs the same as we know today with cameo devices and mirror fields. First strikes might garner a degree of the cameo effect, and you can be certain that they have all been accounted for and are in numismatic channels as they would sell for moon money. Next are the well-struck specimens without cameo effect. Tough to tell the difference between a well-struck business strike from a proof. There are very subtle indicators that numismatists use to differentiate the two.



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