Box Dilemma
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    Dec 2006
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    Box Dilemma

    So, on your way home from work you stop at a bank you haven't been to before and ask if they have any halves you can buy.

    They say how many do you want, for a customer just deposited $3000 (6 boxes) worth, yesterday. They say they won the money in a poker came, took them six hours to hand roll them.

    I was cautiously excited. Hand rolled could produce only three results. They could yield incredible amounts of silver as someone was getting rid of years of coin, there could be none as it was already picked over; or it could yield the typical findings of a "fed rolled box".

    I only had enough cash on me for two of the boxes, purchased them and went home to begin the search, with the promise the bank wouldn't sell the others until I called the next morning (this morning).

    Well (imagine a drum roll here).............

    Each box only produced a single '02 half; one a P and one a D. No 90%ers, no 40%ers and no proofs.

    So, now the question becomes, do I

    a) still buy the rest and hope the first two boxes were a (bad) fluke.

    b) don't buy the rest and right it off to "nothing ventured, nothing gained"


    c) just buy another one or two (not all four) and try again.

    What would you do ?
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    Dec 2006
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    Re: Box Dilemma

    Sounds like a fish story to me. Those coins have been searched. That guy must be very lucky to have won exactly $3000 in halves.

    I would pass on it, but then again all the silver may be in the last box.

    Sorry, I have not been much help.

    P.S. My "fish story" when asked by curious tellers, is that I buy and sell coins in bulk and these are the rejects.

    Last night when I returned a bunch of halves the teller was curious so I told her my fish story and she told me that at her last branch another person "does the same thing" Then she proceded to tell me that when she was ordering a box of halves for him she accidentally ordered Ike dollars (and got them in!!) she was afraid he would be mad and refuse them. But she was happy because he bought every one of them.

    I asked her if she could try to do the same for me, she will be checking this week.
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    Re: Box Dilemma

    I agree with cyberdan, those boxes have all been searched. If you pick up the other 4, you will most likely get skunked. If I was in your shoes I would NOT purchase the others.

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    Re: Box Dilemma

    Another risk you run by buying the customer boxes is that the guy may not have been totally honest and only put 19 halves in each roll. Or he could be a moron and not know that a roll is supposed to have 20 halves and not 15.
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    Dec 2006
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    Re: Box Dilemma

    Thanks guys. I tended to agree with you. I've just called the bank and told them I wouldn't be needing the other four boxes. Funny thing about the two I did buy. They were about 40% 96Ds in "ABU" condition. Sharp edges, strong strikes, mirrored finish. Someone continues to flood my area with these...and as I found out last week at the coin show, the gray sheet only supports paying $11 a roll.

    I'm happy with the two '02s I did get and will chalk it up to (c) Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    Thanks again for the input.
    "You can't win if you don't play"

    "Behind every dark cloud is a silver lining"

    "If you're prone to motion sickness, this "roller coaster" hobby may not be for you "



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