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    Nov 2005
    New Mexico

    Why Save pre-1960 Nickels?

    I see where many folks save all the pre-1960 nickels they can find - what's the reason for that? I know about the silver war nickels but curious about the others.


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    Feb 2007

    Re: Why Save pre-1960 Nickels?

    I save mine just for the fun of it. I like old coins and these are about the same age as all the other ones I save. I also do not find many war nickels or buffalo nickels, so by keeping all pre-1960 it gives me more satisfaction since I find quite a few of them. My guess is most people save them just for the fun of it.
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    Dec 2006
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    Re: Why Save pre-1960 Nickels?

    In my case I am trying to get a roll of each year/mintmark combination plus enough to fill the books that I have.

    Starting to get hard to find any that I still need for my first roll of any date/mintmark combo though as I pretty much have the easy dates filled. Down to the key dates, the war nickels, most of the S-mints (half of which I am close to finishing), and a couple others that I am close to finishing. According to my tracking sheet I am at a little over 87% complete from 1938-2006. Only roughly 830 nickels left, 340 of which are war nickels. There are about a dozen or so that were recently found that I have not entered yet. Also, I only count those which were issued for circulation (including common varieties such as 1941-S large S) for rolls (proofs do not count).

    Trying to do a similar thing with the other coins as well, but other than Kennedy halves (which I have complete rolls from 1964-2002) or maybe the SBA or SAC dollars (which I have never really searched), jefferson nickels are the easiest to complete through CRHing.

    I also save any additional pre-1960 nickels I find because they don't cost too much at least at any one time. Though I have over $100 worth of pre-1960 duplicates above my rolls.



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