Need help identifying penny error. What have I found?
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    Dec 2013
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    Need help identifying penny error. What have I found?

    EDIT: Well, don't I feel like a silly goose. A kind member PMd me and suggested a it was a vice job or glue. Well... It was glue. I signed up for an account and read three Captchas because I couldn't tell that some kids decided to glue two pennies together. In my defense, I swear it was a layer of copper I was looking at. Live and learn. Thanks again.

    I found a 2002 D penny in the change dish. The contrast of the shiny error and the rest of the circulated coin is what caught my eye. The reverse has what appears to be the coating from another penny with the words "...ATES OF AM..." "E PLURIBUS" and "UNUM" backwards and struck on the right side of the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. The impression cohabitates the area with the normal texture of the steps and the word "CENT".

    What is this? How rare is it? Is it worth more than a couple of bucks?

    Thanks in advance, and I want you to know that the awesomeness of your community is what attracted me to sign up and ask here instead of somewhere else.


    Click image for larger version. 

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    Jun 2012
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    It looks like colored glue with a penny that was stuck to the one in the photo.
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