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    Aug 2005
    49 times

    3/8 Box....steady at 40%

    Went through all the rolls looking at just the edges. Found 8 40% halves.

    So then I sat there and watched the idiot box (TV) while checking the dates on all of them, and found another 40% half, a 1968-D.

    Total for the day....9.

    Coulda been worse!

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    Emperor Findus Cladius

    Sep 2004
    Whites Vision/V3 Spectra, AT Pro
    17 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Re: 3/8 Box....steady at 40%

    I also look at the edges first, but then will look at each coin quickly as I have found quite a few over the years that I missed just by looking at the edge. I separate the 74D's out also, so it is really not any extra effort to look for silver I had missed.

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    Always huntin' fer somethin'

    Dec 2006
    My first M/D find
    Garrett Ace 250
    140 times

    Re: 3/8 Box....steady at 40%

    I always look at edges to see what is obviously in a roll, but I would have missed a few if I had not also read the dates.
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    Dec 2006
    31 times

    Re: 3/8 Box....steady at 40%

    Looking at the edges is fine for pulling out the obvious silver, but looking at each date will ensure you don't miss any others; as well as proofs, other "S"'s, 87's and any post '01's.

    Not to mention error strikes; for those who look for them.
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    Aug 2005
    49 times

    Re: 3/8 Box....steady at 40%

    I used to do one roll at a time...first check the edges, then look at each one.
    Then I got impatient, and now I check all the edges of all the rolls FIRST for the obvious silver, then I will sit there and check each one individually.



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