Silver Cache hidey holes - Till finds
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    Sep 2012
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    Silver Cache hidey holes - Till finds

    well the past couple of weeks have been ok. Still not able to do CRHing due to finances but my till finds have been better. Found 2 silver dimes in one day and then the next day found another dime. Then just yesterday I found a war nickel which gets me closer to getting my first roll of war nickels. Yeah!!

    Was thinking about making stepping stones and tree markers out of cement and plates and thought about maybe as a trial to put a plastic encased ounce or two of silver inside the stepping stones. Like mini caches, no one would think of taking them, and if I needed I could bust one open. Not all of them would have silver in them. I would put a marker or symbol that marks that stone as a cache. Just a playful idea to throw around at the moment. Not sure if I really am going to do it. Anybody have thoughts on this idea??

    Sincerely, GarouLady

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    I would recommend against it if the coins are visible to the naked eye. A few years ago a restaurant where I live had walking half dollars scattered on top of the fresh concrete they had placed around the entrance to their building. The coins were neatly pressed into the dried concrete and looked really classy. I enjoyed seeing them each time I went there to eat, esp when I had to wait for a table because they gave me something to look at to pass the time. About one year later, ALL of the walkers have been chiseled out of the concrete by vandals...PATHETIC!

    If your coins will not be visible, then I say go for it...Not a bad way to stash a cache.

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    Sep 2012
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    oops my bad that I didn't explain it better. The coins or ounces would be inside the stones, not pressed in on the outside. They won't be visible. Which is why I would mark them with a glyph or symbol only I would know to remind me which ones held treasure.

    But that's pretty lame about the vandals.

    Sincerely, Garoulady

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    Aug 2012
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    Seems like a lot of work for an ounce or two each, I'd make one big a** rock.
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    Sep 2012
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    I might do that but I am making these stepping stones anyways. small ones to go around my trees and thought, hey!! while I have all this wet cement, why not put some silver in it to hide it. Better than those dumb 'hidden' key rocks you see in stores.

    Sincerely, Garoulady



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