Todays results: 5/1/2014
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    Apr 2014
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    Coin Roll Hunting

    Todays results: 5/1/2014

    My main pick up bank got my box of halves in. I was only able to get 4 rolls of the box, but they were loomis rolls this time and not black and white brinks ones. Hopefully this will bring more luck as Ive heard people have better averages with Loomis over Brinks unless Im mistaken?

    20 Hand rolled wraps of Cents (Varying paper, they came from the credit union at work in the vault): 1 Wheat Cent. (1941)

    10 MWR (paper) of Cents: Bicentennial Canadian cent, otherwise skunk.

    Brinks box of Cents: 14 wheats, (Oldest 1935 in last roll) and a 1953 Canadian Cent.

    3 MWR (Paper) of nickels: 5 "pre 60" and a 2009 D.

    6 MWR (Paper) of dimes: Skunk.

    4 MWR of halves (Loomis): Skunk.

    Register Finds: 2 Wheats, (1957 and 1957 D) a 1959 D Nickel, and 3 Bicentennial Quarters.

    Lookout finds: 1952 Wheat Cent.

    Good luck to everyone else. My dimes and nickels have been utter crap lately. (As far as silver, war nicks, and buffaloes go anyway)

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    Mar 2014
    Chicago suburbs
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    My nickels haven't been too good recently either, I usually find one or more war nickel per box but haven't found any in the last 3 boxes, and haven't had any buffaloes in maybe the last ten boxes. Dimes have been ok, I just started when then nickels dried up, 7 boxes in and I've found 10 silvers. That's with two skunk boxes in their.



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