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Thread: my bank

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    Jan 2007
    sidney montana
    Ace 250
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    my bank

    Went into my bank to see if they had half's....I have been asking for a couple months and always take what they have. small town 2 banks 2 credit unions nearest bank out of town 50 miles (my dump bank will be in this town They have a walmart) last time in they had 1 roll (skunk) however the teller was extra nice, young red head (25ish), she normally works the drive up window. She asked if I collected them I said I am making up some coin books and looking for the best quality coins to put into them. she suggested I just purchase proof or uncirc. I said "I already had that" but wanted the best from circulation making a couple books for my kids. she then said well "I" can order you some boxes if you like but "I" must order $1000 at a time. no other teller has ever offered so I said great I would take an order.

    Then what she said floored me "I would love to see your collection some time I have a good collection also" I wear no ring and am divorced but living with my x wife, we got back together but never remarried. But darn why would such good looking young gal want with an old cripple (semi cripple disabled vet have direct deposit) I could not think of anything good to say so I just said " I don't think my X wife would care to much for that" to which she just smiled and said the order will be there Thursday (next)
    selling Ryedale sorted cents
    $100< fv 1.6EA
    $100> fv 1.5EA
    pick up 1.4EA
    located MT/ND boarder.
    coins are sorted with Ryedale then hand sorted to remove foreign then ran through Ryedale again to insure only copper and count $50fv Then sealed in cloth bag with #1 copper wire.

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    Sep 2006
    Garrett AT Pro w/ Carrot
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    Re: my bank

    "nice" -quote southpark

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    Jan 2007
    DFX & SE
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    Re: my bank


    Maybe she really did want to see your coin collection?

    Just ask LJ.
    Pinpoint twice, dig once!

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    Feb 2005
    Visalia, CA
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    Re: my bank

    Run away!!!! She's after your silver......

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    Dec 2006
    Lowell, MA

    Re: my bank

    Hehee. She wants to see your coin purse.

    Which, to follow up on the South Park reference, you keep in a bag around your neck.



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