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    Jan 2007
    Northern Virginia
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    Why Keep 2001 to Present Halves?

    I found 47 2002 halves in my latest box.

    I've read here on the website that we ought hold onto them because they're issued for collectors only and are not intended for circulation.

    The U.S. mint, however, indicated in 2004 that at least the 2001 Denver coins are intended for circulation; so why keep them or any after them? Are they minted in very low numbers?

    Here's what the Mint said:

    "WASHINGTON -- The United States Mint announced today that 2001-dated Kennedy half dollars will go on sale beginning at noon (Eastern Time) on April 12, 2004. The 2001-dated Kennedy half dollars are available in two-roll sets (20 coins per roll), including one Philadelphia and one Denver mint mark coin roll. They are also available in bags of 200 that include an equal number of half dollars with Philadelphia and Denver mint marks. Of the 19.5 million 2001-dated “D” mint mark Kennedy half dollars produced, only 12,334,000 were released into circulation by the Federal Reserve. Of the 21.2 million 2001-dated “P” mint mark Kennedy half dollars produced, none was released by the Federal Reserve into circulation."

    in holding onto them with the understanding that theywhen I wondercollecting them on this site all wise

    2001–Present (issued for collectors only, not in circulation)

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    Mar 2007
    Tesoro Toltec 100
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    Re: Why Keep 2001 to Present Halves?

    Here is my understanding of 2002-2006 Kennedy Halves. The mintage was enough to handle the mint sets, rolls and bags sold by the mint. I don't believe they made enough to be released into circulation. I expect that the 2001-P halves have been or will be released into circulation when needed so I would not hold on to those. This also explains why some members find boxes of 94-P, 97D,2000P/D coins. The Fed probably has 2001-P bags sitting around waiting for demand to increase.

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    I was raised in the projects.

    Feb 2007
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    Re: Why Keep 2001 to Present Halves?

    i had been keeping 'em, but cashed 'em on in past week. $100 uncirculated bagz be sellin' fo' $116! playa's gonna have a hard time gettin' over face fo' circulated pieces. if anybody had got mo' than fifty cent for 'em, let us know! peace!
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