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    Dec 2013
    Garrett AT pro & Pro Pointer
    30 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    What is your oldest Coin Roll Hunting Find? What about most valuable CRHing find?

    ***Meant to say in title oldest coin roll hunting find of 2014 and most valuable of 2014**


    Oldest cent: 1882 indian, (found 2 weeks ago after 10+ years of CRHing)
    Nickel: 1892 V nickel
    Dime: 1960 D silver (oldest ever is 1936)
    Quarter: 1965 Wash. (don't do that much)
    Half: 40%'s mixed dates
    Dollar: N/A

    1972 D clashed die cent
    2000 D capped die nickel
    1939 D Jefferson nickel F-15
    1984 DDO AU-58 w/ toning cent (found roughly a month ago)

    Bunch of mixed date buffalo's, can't remember but I believe I pulled out one good date.
    And a bunch of pre-1960 nickels that were UNC, including a 1948 S with almost full steps, and a 1940 with 5 full steps.
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    Feb 2011
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting



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