Should I or shouldnt I ????????
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    Dec 2006
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    Should I or shouldn't I ????????

    My daughter (sophomore) is in her high school jazz band. Next Saturday (May 19) they are having an all day jazz festival. 23 H.S. bands will be competing over 14 hours.

    I run the snack bar to raise money. I also do the money box. I am contemplating trying to get rid of some JFKs and Ikes. This will probably be the first time these kids have ever seen coins of this size. They may not like them and come back later and spend them and we make more money.

    Everyone is invited to come. My daughters band is good She plays the piano & marimba. Even though they will not be competing they will be having a performance.

    It is going to be a long day
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    Jan 2007
    sidney montana
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    Re: Should I or shouldn't I ????????

    the title sounded kind of like Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder skit. you should... dare I... dare dare.
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    Mar 2007
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    Re: Should I or shouldn't I ????????

    I would, but put a tip jar out. I tried this with my daughter when she was selling Girl Scout cookies. I thought that if I gave out a half dollar the people would not want to carry it and leave it as a donation. It worked okay but I got more comments about how you never see them. One thing I noticed is that most people looked at the date of the coin.

    Best of luck
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    Oct 2006
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    Re: Should I or shouldn't I ????????

    when your running the stand, don't forget to look for star notes, pre 1995 $1 bills, old style bills, and web notes. these can be worth some $$$!

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    Re: Should I or shouldn't I ????????

    They are legal tender, do it!! Besides, most people I know enjoy getting a half dollar in change because they are so rarely used in everyday transactions. They tend to hang onto them for awhile - might teach those kids to save some money!!!

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    Jan 2007
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    Re: Should I or shouldn't I ????????

    Go for it.

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    May 2007
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    Re: Should I or shouldn't I ????????

    Do it!! 8) the pimp with the halfs
    I tend to pass out some the I dont Buy outta the drawers at work to people lol.
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    Happy Hunting ,

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    Quick, I need more coins to hunt:)

    Feb 2005
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    Re: Should I or shouldn't I ????????

    I would go for it too!
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    Re: Should I or shouldn't I ????????

    I used to pass out 3 to 4 rolls of halves every day when i interned for the PA turnpike, I don't recall ever having a negative reaction.



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