Im So Grateful For My Tellers...
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Thread: Im So Grateful For My Tellers...

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    Ryan Quinlan

    Oct 2015
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    I'm So Grateful For My Tellers...

    I haven't been able to coin roll hunt in a while because I have had so many coins sitting at my place and no extra funds to pay for new boxes. It has been difficult finding a day and time to get into my dump banks, especially considering the fact that I do not have a car and I have to walk my coins about a half mile to the nearest bank. I generally drop my rolled halves off at one bank and take the rest of the coins (pennies, nickels) to another that has a coin counter. Well, the bank that usually accepts my halves was closed on Saturday. But, I needed this to be done, so I took it all to the second bank and planned to turn in the rolled halves after counting up the loose coins.

    After finishing up on the coin machine, I took my receipt and got in line. After waiting about 10 minutes, I get up to the teller and she tells me that they no longer accept rolled coin. She says that I am going to have to unroll all the halves and run them through the machine. So, I go ahead and start that process. 4 rolls in, I notice that the dollar amount on the screen is only reading $10 and the remaining coins seemed to be rotating, but not getting counted. So I stop dumping and frantically try to get the rest of the coins to count. Slowly and painfully, the total went up until it hit $36.50 and would not accept another coin.

    So, I printed my receipt and got back in line to tell her what had happened. When I get up to her, I tell her that I just lost money in the machine and that I was ready to just cut my losses and carry the remaining $460 back home. However, she wouldn't let that happen. She could tell that I was not having the best day and she then offered to accept the remaining coins and run them through the machine herself. She then went over to the machine, unlocked it, and pulled out the remaining $3.50 that wasn't counted towards my total.

    I told her that she didn't have to do all of that for me, and she told me that it was not my fault that their machine was faulty. She was happy to give me a hand. I am so glad that there are people out there like her who are willing to help at all costs. Having to carry those coins back home that day would have ruined not only my day, but my whole week. (I had to get to the grocery store immediately after and I wouldn't have had time with the extra trip back home).

    I'm just sharing this story as a reminder that there are good people out there who are willing to give you a hand when you're down. Incidents like this remind me of how important it is to help others, even if you've just met them for the very first time. Chances are, it will come back around to you and it will do so in your greatest time of need.

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    Mar 2015
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    I always go in first and check that the machine is working and there aren't a bunch of people waiting before bringing out the coins. I usually give them an idea how much of what I am dumping too. I actually bring as many candies and goodies to my dump banks as to my pick up banks so I don't wear out my welcome. It is the people that make the experience cool or terrible. I avoid banks where they give me a hard time even when they are productive which sucks but I don't want the bad attitude. She obviously trusts your count and knows you and likes you to want to help out. Way to handle a frustrating experience.

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    Sep 2012
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    I've had different tellers offer to slow-count halves at least half a dozen times because of fickle coin machines with an aversion to halves. Sometimes I've left the coins to come back later for cash, sometimes I've left a deposit slip.

    My recommendation is to use the trial and success method to find a machine that consistently processes halves. Sketchy counting by the machine is one of the top risks tied to dumping and needs to be mitigated before most other considerations.



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