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Thread: OH, soooooo close

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    Aug 2012
    Whites, Garrett
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    I really don't blame tellers for culling silver they don't make much, but as you said it was unprofessional to do it in front of you.
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    Feb 2008
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    Right. I have absolutely no problem with their doing it(I sure would if I were them), just do it when you're not dealing with a customer.

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    Jun 2004
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    As bad as that sucks, sometimes you just have to suck it up....

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    Jan 2017
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    Quote Originally Posted by markmopar View Post
    I had that happen last week. I heard the silver, saw the shiny and watched her slide it off to the side of her keyboard. I mentioned I'd like that one, too. She said "No", I said Yes, she said No, i quietly said "that's a bit unprofessional, isn't it? To do that right in front of me?" She snarkily asked if I was "even a customer". When I said yes, for many years, she gave me the coin. I do not recommend this approach where you don't have a good relationship with the managers and a working knowledge of their procedures.
    Funny part is, the shiny one was a 40%, the other four dirty ones she gave me were 90%!
    Serves the sniper right Never back down or show any weakness.

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    Apr 2008
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    Happened to me once about 5-6 years ago at a BOA. Stopped in and asked for halves and the teller said she had $120 in CWRs. I asked to but them all and she said ok. She brought them out and proceeded to open them up and lo and behold they were all solid rolls of silver. She opened every roll and rewrapped them putting two rolls aside and sliding the other 10 rolls over to me. I asked for the other two rolls as well and she said "well I gotta get rich too." I asked her again saying "you told me I could have $120 I would like to buy them all and she again said no. I thanked her and took the coins she was willing to sell and I went straight to the manager and told her what happened. She took a twenty dollar bill from me went to the tellers window and exchanged it for other two rolls and brought them to me and apologized.

    From that day forward until that teller retired I made an effort to deal with the other tellers because I knew every time I asked her I was going to get a no. Saw her the other day and she still gave me the stink eye.


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