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Thread: TOO CLOSE for comfort.

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    Feb 2012
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    Coin roll hunting

    TOO CLOSE for comfort.

    Was making my Saturday morning rounds hitting my branch banks in a circular motion around the various small towns. Was on my way home, to stop in at one more branch. Approaching the bank I saw several police car lights flashing and thought it was a traffic stop or an accident. NO WAY & FAR FROM IT. The police (about 8 on foot) had surrounded the bank with GUNS DRAWN on what appeared to be a bank robbery in progress. They had not even gotten to the doors or windows yet, it was that recent in time. Could not pull into the driveway/parking lot since police had blocked the ramps. Continued on my way.
    Just thinking to myself, had I just been 5-10 minutes sooner to stop in the bank to see if they had any dimes, I've could of been looking down the barrel of a 38-cal pistol instead of a 50-roll box of dimes. That was a little TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT for this hobby. Will try to get the NEWS details at a later time.
    Until the next hunt, BE CAREFUL GUYS, coin roll HUNTING also is done with real guns. HaHa, & HH, DozerD
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    Apr 2011
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    Nice timing! Glad you're ok.
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    Dec 2006
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    I was maybe an hour behind a robbery once. Got out of my car and started to the door which was open and a cop stepped into the open doorway from inside and told me I could not enter. It had been robbed earlier. Everything looked normal from outside, just one police car in the parking lot and it was his.

    Didn't like that branch anyway. They always gave me a hard time when I brought in my dumps. I signed up at a local bank close to my home. This branch was near my office. When I signed up at my local branch I questioned on how much I could deposit in coin. They pulled out a brochure showing an amount I would never be able to do so I joined. This branch didn't care about the brochure they asked me not to dump there.
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    Aug 2012
    Whites, Garrett
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    Closest I came was when I was a Special Police Officer in a nearby town, as we pulled into the supermarket parking lot the robbers pulled out the other end. The manager came running up to our squadcar and pointed and said they just pulled out. We got it on the radio and they caught them in Boston a few minutes later. You can't outrun a radio
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    Mar 2015
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    I was blocked at a dump bank by the first police cruiser after a robbery. We both were pulling in at the same time but when I saw he was going there I just kept going. Stopped by the next week n got the scoop. Statistically our odds of being in a bank when it is robbed r very high.



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