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Thread: Canadian pennies, to save or not to save that is the question

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    Apr 2016
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    Copper Coin Canadian pennies, to save or not to save that is the question

    I have taken to pulling and hoarding them. These pennies were discontinued five years ago and the canadian mint has been "recycling" them for the metals as fast as they can. Is there, or will there be a market for them?

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    Mar 2018
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    I keep them just to make myself feel better about getting hits in a bag. I do love the older ones though, the King George one
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    Feb 2008
    Santa Fe, New Mexico
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    I have really come to like the "first profile " Queen Elizabeth II cents (1953- 1964) I also pull all KGV,and KGVI cents too .
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    Apr 2011
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    I don't know if/when there will be a market for them, but I hoard them as well. The higher denomination coins I get I'll exchange for face next time I go to Canada, but I'd be reluctant to let the Canada Cents go without a premium.

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    Feb 2012
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    There is distant rumors on the internet that the U S might go the same way with pennies. If that does happen, what's in store with copper prices? And hoarding.

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    Mar 2013
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    I hoard them. When I lived in Metro-Detroit I had a very serious lady friend in Montreal - so I spent every weekend there for about 6 months. She was gorgeous, but she never could get over her sorrows. It finally wore me out and I cut bait.

    All those trips, I saved all my Canadian money - took it into a my US bank, deposited it as related to the exchange rate at the time - not a problem whatsoever. I could probably to that with my bank in Virginia now.
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    Aug 2012
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    The copper ones are worth more than a penny in melt...and I don't know of any US restriction melting them.
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    Apr 2005
    North Carolina
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    Quote Originally Posted by GlenDronach View Post
    The copper ones are worth more than a penny in melt...and I don't know of any US restriction melting them.
    You're correct, there isn't any laws in the United States about selling Canadian copper.

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