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Thread: OMG!!! My bag of halves evaporated! Christmas chananagins

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    Aug 2011
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coincrazed View Post
    And why the hell do you think it's funny the guy got screwed? Not cool buddy.
    Not trying to be offensive, just blunt. He is a victim of his own greed. Should of took what he had when he had the chance. It may not be cool what I said, but it's true.
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    Bucket list still needed:
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    • silver 3 cent piece
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    • seated quarter
    • capped bust silver
    • draped bust silver
    • silver dollar

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    May 2018
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    Quote Originally Posted by LooseChange View Post
    It is always a risk to leave a partial bag. I once topped off a bag of halves so that I could buy it and when I got to the car, I saw that there was a note tapped to the bag with the name and phone number of the client that was to be called once the bag filled. The tellers working that day didn't know or didn't care that someone was waiting for that bag to fill. It is just not a priority for them.

    If they are cool with it, top it off - no matter how far from full it is (put $875 into it if you have to). Do it every 2-3 months if they let you. That is the only strategy that reduces the risk of if it getting poached out from under you.

    If this place will sell you bags, don't burn the bridge no matter how frustrated you are right now. Take bags of dimes and come back in 3mo for the partial of halves. A source that will sell you bags is a rare resource. Treat it gently.
    I think this is good advice. I once topped off a bag with $875 in halves at one dump after being told the bag was the original bag from the time the coin machine was first installed at that branch 7 years earlier. So there was about $125 in the bag when I dumped and filled it. I didn't ask about buying the bag because I didn't want to go through all the coins I'd just dumped. But I wondered later about what I'd left behind. Also possible they would not have sold the bag and asking the question would be like admitting to CRH...
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    Always do right; this will gratify some and astonish the rest.
    - Mark Twain

    Running 2019 CRH: Boxes of halves searched: 43; dimes: 2
    Total skunk boxes: 28 halves, 2 dimes
    90% halves from boxes: 29
    40% halves from boxes: 93
    Silver halves from teller trays: 16 - 40% halves
    Coinstar silver: 3 quarters, 1 dime

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    Dec 2009
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    Quote Originally Posted by TxAg View Post
    Bummer on the lost bag Tommy. Iíve been watching a half dollar bag slowly fill for about 6 months. Thatís a good sign even though it is testing my patience. The head teller that took over about a year ago refuses to sell the bag until itís full at $1000, even though the previous branch manager sold me several partial bags before, and the other branches in town sell me partial bags whenever I ask. In fact the first bag I ever bought was at that branch 2 years ago and started this whole CRH obsession, lol. It was $168, and produced 51 silvers! The current bag is probably somewhere around $300 now, I havenít checked it in a couple of weeks. Still too low to top off. Iíve been promised first dibs when the bag fills. Iíll play it safe and top it off when it gets to about $850. Man, I want that bag!!!!
    Waiting for $850 is cutting it too close IMO. Anytime the total is over $500, its in danger of some random CRHer dumping a box into the machine and the bag getting shipped off.

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    Dec 2014
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    Quote Originally Posted by smokeythecat View Post
    My bank refused to even consider selling bags.
    Mine too
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    Mar 2015
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    How does working with the old head tellers wishes make me make me a victim of my own greed? It may be more appropriate to say I was a victim of my own nonchalance, or willingness to go with the flow and not irritate the old head teller. A victim of my own greed would be appropriate if I had topped off the bag, she told me to come get it the next day because she didn't feel like counting it on demand and shipped it or sold it lol. I did everything reasonable to get the halves short of putting on a ski mask and taking them. Its a fox and the grapes situation and sometimes we can't win. I go to great lengths to get halves but I also like people and our mutual happiness, comraderie (and on occasion friendship) is more important than getting every last coin I can. I enjoy the hunt and if there are extra obstacles it requires the ability to think quickly on ones feet. Thats the test. I am frustrated it didn't go my way but the end of the day I have bigger fish to fry. I just enjoy sharing stories so we can learn and empathize. I enjoy sharing whether its of the great victory or the one that got away, thats ultimately why we are here on this site. Now I need to get these coins out of my friends wall to have a victory story lol.
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    Jan 2016
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coincrazed View Post
    OP, like you mentioned, dump as many halves on them as you can. I have noticed how when I will come to banks asking for halves, every bank has a teller who ironically had some but "gave them out to a customer earlier before you came in". I think that's just a lie tellers are using to discourage us. What are the odds it happens 70% of the time that they sold them the exact same day I come asking?
    I could not tell you how many times I have heard "we just shipped them all out this morning" or "someone came in earlier and wiped us all out of halves"
    Don't let it get to you. It's just part of the dance.
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    Jan 2016
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    Tellers buying up silver is a perk of their job if they are aloud to. Why get mad at them. If you worked in a bank you would do the same thing.
    I've been doing this long enough to see tellers come and go. Many branches that had silver collecting tellers now don't and I find silver there.

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    Mar 2015
    Bodymore, Metalland
    Minelab Excal, Safari, Garrett infinium, Whites prizm 4
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    Ah the trend in my area is just the opposite. More silver bugs than ever.


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