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Thread: CRH find, help identify?

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    Jan 2019
    Buckeye State
    25 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    CRH find, help identify?

    Hello All, first post ever. I am fairly green, but have done some CRH in the past. Recently started again, picked up a penny box yesterday, and found this 1976 silver colored cent. I can't decide whether its an error, cleaned, or fake, or what....can a copper be cleaned until it's "white" ?

    I am hoping it's a dime planchet error, but

    What's the thoughts from experts on here?

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20190109_195917.jpg 
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Name:	20190109_195921.jpg 
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Name:	20190109_195951.jpg 
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    Jan 2016
    NW Arcanslaw / SW Misery
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    4584 times
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    It looks to have been zinc plated.
    Possibly a high school chemistry class project.

    I remember having made some change colors like this
    and dropping newer zinc pennies in hydrochloric acid, which caused the zinc to dissolve leaving only the copper foil exterior.
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    Apr 2005
    North Carolina
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    It's definitely been plated after it left the mint. Technically it's damaged.
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    Feb 2012
    2144 times
    Coin roll hunting
    If you think it's on a dime planchette, then weigh it on a x.xxg scale to answer that part of the question.

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    Charter Member
    Diggin up TEXAS!

    Sep 2009
    Fort Worth,Texas
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    Zinc Plated. I have several Wheat pennies like this. They appear to be the exact same size.

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    Nov 2012
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    Welcome. I agree on zinc plating. It is too big for a dime planchet and the color is wrong for that. Keep looking, there are goodies out there still. I got a 1995 double, or is that doubled, I always forget, Lincoln that I had graded and it graded MS-67 in a roll somebody dumped at a local bank. That was 2 years ago. Still have it.
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    Sep 2012
    460 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Hi Dan.

    As others have said, Zinc coated cents are fairly common finds. Keep plowing through rolls and boxes, and you'll find some cool stuff.

    Good photos btw.

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    Feb 2012
    2144 times
    Coin roll hunting
    Was going thru a bag of cents from a branch bank last night, good number of wheats (about 12, only half finished) and pulled a 1919P & 1929P, both worn & readable, and yet still old finds. Cents can always be fun to hunt.

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    Nov 2013
    XP Deus, F75Ltd., AT PRO, Garrett pointer
    16654 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Welcome to Tnet from Mississippi.
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    Jan 2019
    Buckeye State
    25 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Thanks all. Yes, after weighing and further inspection I think it's just a plated coin. Thanks for the input.
    I am working on filling a Dansco 7100 1909-2009 Lincoln Cents album, roughly 70% complete. Likely to have to purchase the keys, but hoping to come across semi-keys in the wild, who knows, maybe just wishful thinking.
    Enjoying the hunts, and have my 13YO son interested as well, which is probably the most important part....he actually found a decent condition 1906 IHP in a CRH so we've had some luck

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    Feb 2012
    2144 times
    Coin roll hunting
    DanFO: keep your son interested in CRH & coin collecting, and away from the TV & video games. All my 5-kids grew up overnight and didn't even know that I had a very large coin collection that my dad & I started in the mid-60's. I just wish to this day that I would have involved them into coins, rather than me working all the time, with one full time and three var part time jobs just to keep dinner on the table & gas in the tank. I find CRH & coin collecting as a great hobby to learn history from a different angle. Now to try to instill the hobby into any one of my 13-grand kids, starting with pennies (which are always fun, never know what you might get). Once again, welcome to the TN.

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    Feb 2008
    Great Lakes State
    2437 times
    silver surfing
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    JCWhitney home plating kits were all the rage when I was a kid.
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