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Thread: Penny info

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    May 2014
    southern Indiana
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    I save copper pennies. Not because I want to melt them down, more than copper is worth more and that it is a malleable metal. I also save large aluminum wire which can be worked into something you might need. When things go south and we can't get what we need, it will be worth a lot to have material on hand to work with, legal or not. For instance, right now I am needing a shim for my scope. A penny is more than enough to make a whole set of shims, but of course I don't use them because I have othe copper available to use.

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    Sep 2012
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Sure, it's an academic distinction, but . . .

    It is not illegal to melt (or otherwise process) US 1-cent or 5-cent coins per se. It is only illegal to melt/process them in order to get the metal from them for the purpose of recycling that metal. If you have some other reason to melt them (ie: Art, education, anger, etc), you can do so.
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    Sep 2013
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    You go on the defensive just like I do. I try to NOT do that. It is self defeating.

    I use my own value guage.. If it looks cool.. It's worth maybe something.
    Value is a very subjective thing.
    Just my two Wheaties.


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    Jan 2017
    Taxechusetts (It sucks)
    The only two certainties in life are death and taxes. They tax you just for dying where I live.
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    People ought to know how to use the resources they already have, and not pose silly questions to the community. I gave up on pennies two years ago. Varieties are hard to find and very rare (something like a 2000 wide AM is 1/10000 or more). Copper pennies are worthless because you will never be able to melt them. I took all mine to the bank and got $530. Wheats are worth 3 cents each an 1 every three rolls, meaning that your E-V for a $25 box is $0.35. Don't waste your time.
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