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Thread: Found the key date 1961 P Rosie to fill a hole in the book

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    Feb 2010
    1530 times

    Found the key date 1961 P Rosie to fill a hole in the book

    Found a 1961 Rosie today to fill one of the 8 remaining holes in my CRH Rosie's book. Below are coins I found before I found the '61-P (96.8M produced):

    '46-S, '49-P,D&S, '50-S, '53-S, '55-P&D (Both BU), '58. Also found a Barber dime, a 1961 Proof and a gold coin in a dime roll. Amazingly I still haven't found a 1954-P either (114.2M produced).

    Just to round out the day, also found a '63 Franklin, 2x'64-D, '64-P, 27 40%ers, 2 other silver Rosie's, a '43-S War Nick, and '28 and '18 Buffalo's with the '18 having full horn, but surface pitting. Also found 2 '42-D non-sliver Jeffs and 19 wheats. Overall a good day.

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    Sep 2013
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    5371 times
    All from rolls?
    You must live in a rural area?
    Only small farm banks have rolls that juicy lol.
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    Feb 2010
    1530 times
    They're not terribly juicy, I just look through a lot of them!!!
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    Feb 2012
    2147 times
    Coin roll hunting
    Twitch: let me know by mid-summer on the 54-P Rosie, I might have a few extras stacked around somewhere if you really want to complete that Rosie folder.
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    Feb 2010
    1530 times
    Dozer - you're a good man, I appreciate the offer. I'm trying to stay true though and only fill it with my CRH finds. I'm sure one will pop out shortly.
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    Oct 2014
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    Very cool!

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    Feb 2012
    2147 times
    Coin roll hunting
    Twitch: I've checked my date/mint mark spreadsheet and saw that I have a qty 48 of the 54-P Rosies. I have enough ROSIE coins to pick n choose from to make 5 compete silver Rosie sets for my older 5-kids, pick the BEST OF THE BEST. And like I said let me know if you really need it to complete the set, we can work out any arrangement I'm sure. PM me if you like.



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