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    Jul 2015
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    Quote Originally Posted by Greastart View Post
    This really makes me feel like a dumbask! 'Bout two weeks ago I busted a roll of quarters open at work and noticed a nice shiny rim. Pulled it and checked it out. Was one of the crawling soldier variety. Hmmmnnn....W mint. Googled it quickly and came up with nothing that indicated to me that I should hang on to it.....Oh well. Maybe next one.

    Each category of 5 for 2019-W quarters only has 2 million minted for a total of 10 million for the whole year. Low mintage guarantees some value far above just a quarter. It's bound to drop a bit more after the hype has settled, but should settle to between $5 and $10 for those ungraded in decent shape. It's still a great return on 25 cents.
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    Aug 2019
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    I have been CRH'ing just this year, started with half dollars and then got a W coin in pocket change when I was on vacation in Vegas. I had no idea of what the W mint was doing in circulation, thought it was a NIFC coin, and looked it up for info. Found out about the W 2019 Quarters and started CRH for them. Got pretty lucky. Got 5 rolls from my bank that were all BU Loomis wrapped 2019 War in the Pacific Guam coins, and found 3 W mint marked quarters. Then found a few banks that had just gotten orders of change and got into a box of American Memorial Park 2019 quarters. Funny thing was, I did not find a single AMP W coin, but the W Lowells were mixed in with them. Ended up with 27 Lowell W's. Next box was a box of War in the Pacific BU's, and I managed to get 30 rolls total from that box. Pulled 21 more WIP W's. Haven't found any of the AMP W's, and now waiting for the new Texas con to drop this week.....bank has change on order, so I am hoping the luck continues.
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    share to share any of those with people on this board? :-) At what price?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jrf30 View Post
    share to share any of those with people on this board? :-) At what price?
    You already have a Lowell, I believe. But if you don't, take a look at my ebay auction. I listed another (ends this Saturday). These are all grading candidates. This one this week, should have been placed in my Do Not Sell coin tube. It might be the nicest one that I've sold so far. Don't want to violate TNet's policy. I am a Charter Member, but I don't want to post the links in this section. Just go to the classified section (Coins) and click on any of the older eBay auction links. Then choose "See Seller's Other Items".
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    Dec 2015
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    What coins have they released so far is the 3rd one out yet. Tommy
    Still Available Approved TreasureNet Sticker $2.00 for 11" X 3" Bumper Sticker ::. I have 34 left PM me if you would like to buy any Tommy.................... Put it on my Trans Am FREE SHIPPING Street Racing My Trans Am W/Tnet Stick

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    Quote Originally Posted by A2coins View Post
    What coins have they released so far is the 3rd one out yet. Tommy
    Lowell, American Memorial, War in Pacific (Guam) have all been released.
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    The San Antonio Mission quarter release is imminent.
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