Collection dump! Mercs for a cent, sure!
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Thread: Collection dump! Mercs for a cent, sure!

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    Mar 2015
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    Collection dump! Mercs for a cent, sure!

    I had an hour off before work so I hit the banks on the way in. Sure glad I did. I got a collection dump. The very friendly teller said she was glad I came by, a coin hunter had passed and his family had dumped his collection which she was saving for someone like me!!! I checked my calendar and it definitely wasn't April Fools day. I crossed my fingers and opened my wallet.
    Dollars-Solid roll of 1979 - I got 1 wide rim 1979 (should have bought all the small dollars... Got one roll).
    Halves-$70 I ended up with one 64 and 5 40%. They were very dirty so probably just what slipped through the cracks.
    Quarters-Out of $200, $100 in 1976 drummer boy quarters. I already dumped $50 so they'll be coming around in change just in time for Coin week! I got 2 silvers, 45 and 47. Overlooked by the tellers and the dumpers. Pretty cool!
    Dimes and nickels- They didn't get any, or so the tellers said. I would have loved to see them. I am thinking the family had enough wherewithal to not dump such a massive quantity of silver. I checked for recent Clist postings in the area. The bulk of the collection is probably in a safe somewhere.
    Pennies $5.00 - I got 4 solid rolls of wheat pennies,.. Well almost solid lol. Two rolls had one Merc in each! I'll buy that for a cent! It even says on the wrapper +1 dime. One roll had pennies crossed out and I suspect it had held 10+ dimes. Well, that one was pretty short but no complaints. Oldest were 1917 and 2 1919. All in good but circulated condition

    I can't help wondering if the tellers intercepted the best material. A few of the old style quarter wrappers were originally taped but had been opened. Again its hard to say if the tellers looked them over or the family before dumping them. Any rate I was pleased. I was also glad I got an early start. It was also kind of sad. The rolls were dated and this guy or girl had put in many years collecting. I date my rolls when I finish them, and add where they came from etc. It hit home a bit. I would have loved to have run into this person and swapped some stories.

    I grabbed $140 in CWR halves and a few nickels and dimes at a few other locations. I started shucking the halves in the car and it was looking like a bust. I figured I bought someones dump. Second to last roll I got 15 64s, 2 40%!!!! YESSS. $200 in CWR dimes from multiple locations were a bust. Dimes have been stinking for me.
    I've been cutting waaay back on nickels, only buying a roll or two at each location. I finally got a 1935 Buffalo after a long hiatus.
    I just missed my last pickup. Another hunter had started on the other side of town and grabbed some CWR halves from a rather productive location. There was confusion as one teller said they had some coin and the other said she just gave them out. Can't win them all but I bet he was sad if he headed into the area I cleaned out and had to hear tales of collection dumps from the tellers lol.

    Overall a good hunt. Good luck and happy hunting y'all!
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    Wow thats a haul takes me a year to find that much silver detecting. Well done Tommy

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    Oct 2011
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    Very nice!!

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    Mar 2015
    Bodymore, Metalland
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    Thanks guys. I've been swinging the coil frantically too. I did ten hours this weekend and only one large cent one Indian head. I was on perfect turf, lots of history, 18th and 19th century houses, history of good finds and couldn't get the coil over any goodies. I may have used up all my luck i guess. The farm fields are too grown up now anyway so there goes the filed season here. Better luck and sites next year.
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    Feb 2012
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    Tommy: wonderful mixed pickup there, you have a great teller.

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    Feb 2014
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    You did well, my friend. I wonder why he put a dime in with the Wheat rolls?

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    That mixed collection dump looks like a fun search with always wondering what was just lurking in the next roll. A good teller like that is worth her weight in mercury dimes. I have one who gave me 18 halves 2 days before my birthday this year and 16 of the 18 were 40% silver. The following week I was back to pick up my usual 2 boxes and asked again for loose halves or CWR and she laughed and said my competition was standing behind me. I spoke to him a bit and he said he got 2 1964 halves the previous week - so it was a collection dump roll and neither he nor the teller knew or cared about all the 40% halves. I congratulated him but didn't try to educate anyone about those 40%ers.

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    Oct 2014
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    Nice finds, congrats!



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