Oh the IRONY
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Thread: Oh the IRONY

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    May 2006
    CO, AZ
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    Oh the IRONY

    I haven't done much in CRH lately,. Just not great results here in Phoenix. but this 2019 "W" quarter thing is something I am interested in, so I shall get boxes of quarters every two or three weeks over the next year and search for a W.

    I just got $1,500 of quarters. Got one box, and the rest $100 at a time at banks to see who was getting what. Didn't find a W, but also only found one bank that even had any of the "Lowell" Quarters (the first 2019). They had a few in the rolls, so I filled my two books up and sent some off to a friend back east who trades me P for D. Nothing for the "American" quarter (the 2nd 2019) in any of the rolls. I don't see current ones often though, so it might be a month more before I see any American 2019 quarters.

    I went to my drop off bank. They have a free counter. Dumped $1,492.50. I kept a few Lowell's and a few other ones for whatever reason. Went to the teller to get my cash. They gave me $1,492 in bills then 2 quarters for the $.50. Lo and behold - one of the two quarters was an "American Memorial" 2019. HA.

    I went through $1,500 in quarters and didn't find a one, but when I do my DUMP I find one in the two quarters he gives me! WOW. granted, it would have been even better if it were a "W" quarter, but still. To find one in the 2 quarters that I could not find in 6,000 quarters of searching. Irony.

    Plus, I always search the magnets in the counter machine. Reach my finger under and feel around (gently. IN case there is a tack there) and came out with a Canadian dime and a 1943 steelie penny. :-) Haven't seen one of those in a few years. so my dump was more productive than my search.

    Irony, at its best.

    In two weeks on Friday I'll look at another $2,000 of quarters. Should start seeing the Americans soon, and that is when the first W's for Lowell AND American came out.

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    Nov 2012
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    I've been driving myself nuts trying to find some of the "W" mint marked quarters in the wild. In the process, I could have put together a complete set of "P" and "D" quarters from the states and America the Beautiful series. But I tossed them back. I got two silver quarters in the hunt and today an AU 1964.

    So....I now have found about 35 of the Lowell 2019 "W" Quarters. I "cheated" in some regard as I found some rolls on the net for sale, which supposedly had come out of a box the "W"'s had been found in. Well, it was true!

    I have gone through $10,000 worth of quarters. I have 35 to show for it, about 6 foreign coins, a screw driver bit and three silver quarters for the effort. I have four that I am in the process of having grading done to them. Two have come back MS-64. Lots of work for sure.
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    May 2006
    CO, AZ
    dfx, Ryedale!
    230 times
    "I have gone through $10,000 worth of quarters. I have 35 to show for it, about 6 foreign coins, a screw driver bit and three silver quarters"

    That's actually pretty darn good. I'm now up to $2,500 searched, with ZERO W quarters to show from it, and zero silver. I expect I"ll find silver first, but I intend to do a few hundred thousand dollars worth over the next year, and will feel successful if I come up with 2 of the W quarters.

    But more fun than golf, and doesn't cost me anything. Gold does. HA
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    Dec 2015
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    That is ironic Ive been buying 2 to 3 rolls from various banks here and there Ive found a few 2019s but no Ws

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    Oct 2017
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    I dont search quarters very often; just a few dollars a week in CWR. Never seen a silver, and certainly no W's. I did end up with three solid rolls of the 2019 Lowell (D mint) quarters in late March, though.

    Edit: The W quarters weren't released until the beginning of April, right? My records show I picked up the solid rolls March 4th... so there shouldn't be any in there, right? Tempted to crack them open to make sure.
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    May 2006
    CO, AZ
    dfx, Ryedale!
    230 times
    "The W quarters weren't released until the beginning of April, right?"

    that is correct. SO no need to crack open those March rolls.
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