Another Bank Teller Anecdote
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Thread: Another Bank Teller Anecdote

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    Another Bank Teller Anecdote

    I posted a thread last week about a call I received from the bank that orders my weekly half dollar box.

    Let me preface this post with some background info ...

    Every time I pick up or dump halves, I ask the tellers if they have any more halves (standard procedure for many of us CRHers) and also if they have any 'big' dollar coins.

    It's not that I think I'll get any silver dollars, but because my wife and I always tip the waitstaff and bartenders in cash and I like to use Ike dollars (and two dollar bills) as part of the tip. Typically it's one two and a couple of Ikes, not the entire tip. They'll remember us as good tippers who tip in cash and use 'strange' money.

    Yesterday, I got another call from the same bank : an elderly woman came in with a lot of big dollar coins and a few half dollars -- would I be interested?

    I asked how many dollar coins. Answer : 137.

    I thought about it for a few seconds and then said that I'd be there shortly.

    My logic is that I don't want these calls to stop and that one day I might hit the mother lode.

    Upon arriving, sure enough it was all Ike dollars and a dozen clad Kennedys.

    I asked the teller what he would have done with the Ikes had I not taken them off his hands. He just gave me a forlorn look and said he would have to dump them in his drawer and deal with them.

    Looks like I've got a lot of tipping ahead of me.

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    I one time used all Ike’s at a convenience store which is owned by a Hindu family . The bill was around 10$ so I gave ten Ike’s she looked at me like I was crazy pushed them back at me and said “ no no no only American sir” I said it is US currency. She had to get other people to look them over before excepting them ! It’s always fun to see people’s reactions to odd money !!
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    A lot of Americans dont recognize them either lol
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    I got a couple of Ikes from a teller at my branch about 5 months ago.
    A week later, same branch, different teller, there were 5 of them in the coin tray. I bought them all.

    Just because. Teller said she had no use for them, lol.
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    Yesterday I ask for halves and a teller only had one. I saw two Ike's in her tray and asked to buy them and she said they are spoken for. I gave her a buck and she handed over the half dollar along with the two silver quarters I asked for at the bottom of her tray. She said I think these are silver and handed them over....

    Always interesting to see what a teller deems valuable.... She was in her 60s
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    I was spending my Ikes at the 7-11 because the cashier was so nice. She would lay one or two of the Ikes on the register and would sell them for $2 bucks each. Said she used the extra money to buy her smokes....and gas for her car.



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