First haircut in three years!
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Thread: First haircut in three years!

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    Apr 2011
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    First haircut in three years!

    So I quit searching boxes back in February due abysmal finds, and really just complete loss of interest in it. It was becoming a chore, one that I dreaded, and I had to force myself to go through the six boxes I was ordering each week. It just wasnít fun anymore, so I took a hiatus.

    A month ago I decided to dip my toes back in the water to see if anything had changed. Didnít expect much, only ordered two boxes, but ended up finding five 40% halves. Good enough to order two more boxes the next week, in which I found two 40% halves. Not great, but I decided to keep at it and ordered another two boxes, which I picked up yesterday. First box had three 40%ís, not bad. Second box looked promising, as it had a 1968 ender and another reverse ender. The reverse ender turned out to be a 1964, my first 90% since January. Found a few more 40%, then opened a roll to see this looking at me:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ImageUploadedByTreasureNet.com1566182292.236999.jpg 
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    I just stared at it in shock for several moments. Turned it over and saw this:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ImageUploadedByTreasureNet.com1566182438.077676.jpg 
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ID:	1744169

    1903-O Barber half dollar! My first Barber in over three years, my fifth ever, and my second oldest half! Condition isnít great, maybe VG, but Iím not complaining!

    Canít wait till next week!!!

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    Feb 2013
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    Never a bad year when you find a barber...of any denomination! Great find! Is that your first New Orleans mint? Those are tough to come by.

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    May 2018
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    That's a great CRH find! Congrats!
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    Sweet cull of silver and props for the Barber reference. CRH'ing is tough to quit -
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    Apr 2011
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sleepy Holow View Post
    Never a bad year when you find a barber...of any denomination! Great find! Is that your first New Orleans mint? Those are tough to come by.
    Surprisingly enough, three of the five Barbers Iíve found have been O-mints. Found a 1907-O in 2015 Waited 2.5 years for a haircut - sooooo worth the wait!, and a 1908-O Barber ender in 2012 Great potential box! Part 1.

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    Dec 2009
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    Nice find. Still on my bucket list.

    I completely understand your hiatus FT. For finds that are anywhere near "worth it" (to me, anyway), the whole process became exactly like a part-time job that didn't pay much of anything many weeks and even cost me money in others. Commitments had been made. Boxes HAD to be picked up. Rejects HAD to be dumped. Week after week after week after just sucked all the fun out of it. The fact that my finds were far from Hartford-esque certainly didn't help. I had very limited dumping options within a reasonable distance. I had one great one that I could use at will with no problems and 3 or 4 that I knew I had to use very sparingly or lose. The problem with the great one was that the coin counter wasn't self-service. I had to lug the coins to the counter where a very nice young male teller would take them into the back to dump them into the counter. He was a great employee, quickly promoted and replaced by a little frail woman that I'm positive was well past the age at which she could retire. This was the straw that caused me to just give it up. I bet I haven't searched $100 worth total in 3 or 4 years now and have no desire to change that. Now, if we go into recession and/or the price of silver starts to really climb again...

    When I first started, it was all fun. I was as addicted to this forum as I was CRH. In the end, searching was still somewhat fun. Finding silver will ALWAYS be fun. The rest of it was horrible. It was exactly like working a job you hate for no pay (and sometimes worse). My advice to anyone reading, is if you want to keep it fun, don't turn it into a job.
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    Apr 2013
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    CONGRATS ON THE BARBER!!! After about 10 years of hunting I still have not gotten a haircut

    I am in the same boat as some of yall with the break from the hobby. I was devoted to it all through college and had an entire bank network and had some pretty decent finds. However, I have now moved to a new town and gotten married. I stopped by the occasional bank over the years but only would do a box of cents or nickels ever several months or so.

    About a month ago I decided to get back into things. Mainly motivated by the W quarter program and the price of silver changing directions. Well after a month of box searching and weekly bank stop routes to get customer halves and dollar coins i really have nothing to show for it. I was able to bring in a single 40% half dollar, some 1950s $100 bills, a handful of 40's and 50's wheat backs, and a dateless buffalo nickle. And most of the banks I would frequent never even produced a single half dollar. It was awful and quickly became a lunch break chore at work and then a chore at home to go through barren roles while watching tv.

    I just was not having fun and have since given it up again. I think i will continue stopping at 2 of the banks that I built some decent relationships with and are very convenient. But no more boxes, no more driving around town, and no more dumping coins everywhere. Its just not worth it to me anymore.

    I will continue to frequent this forum however and live through the finds of others. Keep stakin em up boys
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