Its raining 1964s, best silver haul of the year! (with pics)
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Thread: Its raining 1964s, best silver haul of the year! (with pics)

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    Dec 2009
    South East, MI
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    It's raining 1964's, best silver haul of the year! (with pics)

    While at our cabin in Northern MI, I stopped at the Happy Bank (our nick name for it, because our finds at this small rural bank often makes us happy)

    They had $300 in halves, but would only sell me $200 because they needed a reserve for customers.
    I saw about 5 enders, there were good promise in these rolls. They did not disappoint we ended up with 17 40% and 35 90 % all Kennedy halves This is Tanner and I, best silver find of 2019. By far the most 90% found at the same time in over 10 years of CRH

    All rolls but five contained silver. roll after roll had 2 or 3 1964 Kennedy Halves. It was fun.
    I went back the next day to see if we could score the other $100 but the would not give in.

    This rural bank has there own coin rolling machine. When people bring in coins they can count it for the customer and roll it for their bank and a few other branches. We have only found a few banks that still roll their own coin. If you can find one they are well worth getting as many coins form them that you can.

    Keep on Searching,
    Dad and Tanner

    PS Tanner just started his freshman year at Michigan State
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    May 2017
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    Nice haul Gordon and Tanner. You gotta think of a way to get those other rolls, lol! Maybe ask a friend or neighbor to buy them for you. Have to be careful how you do it though, so as to not create a new competitor!
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    Sep 2011
    Denver, Colorado
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    Take $100 rerolled and swap!

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    Sep 2012
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    Quote Originally Posted by xr7ator View Post
    Take $100 rerolled and swap!
    I've done this, but with un-searched Loomis rolls. I traded $420 dollars worth of untouched Loomis rolls for $420 dollars worth of bank-rolled halves.

    I know that there was a slight risk that the rolls I traded in might have had a keeper or two total, but I was at a bank exactly as described by G&T. A small regional bank that did their own rolling for other locations and that had produced very well previously. To slightly mitigate the risk, I weighed the rolls that I traded in. None of them weighed heavy, so I know the risk was low that they contained much, if any, Ag. The rolls that I got in exchange were some of the best producers that I ever found. I don't remember the exact take, but it was good.

    I'd say that this is worth a shot to ask - ask to trade coin for coin.
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    Feb 2013
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    ...and I thought the multiple solid rolls you found last month were good!

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    Dec 2009
    South East, MI
    my eyes
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    It has been a good 2 months with the solid rolls from July. I did try to take halves in to trade but that did not work either. This bank is 4 hours from my hometown. We will not be here when banks open on Tuesday. We just have to be happy with what we found. I do not have any accounts at this bank. We do not want to push it and ruin the relationship we gave.
    Dad and Tanner
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    Oct 2011
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    Wow that’s a real nice score! Awesome find G & T

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    Apr 2014
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    Great score! I live in Cheboygan. Where about are you guys? (I'm not going to trample on your territory, just curious about another fellow Northern Michigander.)

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    Feb 2012
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    Nice score away from home. Congrats.

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    Oct 2013
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    Dream box for sure if these were all in the original box! Congrats!
    CRH 2019 silver to date 75.3591 oz

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    Mar 2012
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    And people forget

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    Great score now return them for the ones the bank kept lol
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    where ever you go their you'll be !



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