This place is a dump!
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Thread: This place is a dump!

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    This place is a dump!

    It seems there are halves everywhere! The only problem is they are dumped searched boxes. I guess with the price jump people are coming out of the wood work to CRH. It is easier to find a dump box or half box than it is to find a coin or two. The banks are getting hit up so often they've been barren recently. I asked at one of my pickup banks if they had gotten any halves. They always tell me they " just gave them out." I brought some unopened rolls from an unproductive box to leave with them this time since the amount of in house snipers has escalated.
    The teller says they just got $1000. I asked if they have any loose coins and they didn't so I added my $100 to the pile and explained that the other hunters would appreciate that they weren't searched. I decided to leave unsearched rolls at that bank since its getting too competitive. I told them I'd buy them back if they're still there next time I come in. Weird I know but so is this hobby. I am curious if the tellers will look through them, ship them out or sell them to someone. I doubt they'll be there next week. I hate to turn this branch into a dump bank too but since my fav teller left two months ago its been a long dry spell.
    My last box had 1 90%.
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    Lately its been skunksville around here as well. It feels like many collectors have moved in on my turf recently. Everywhere I get rolls that seem to have been searched. Haven't found a silver dime in weeks. Nickels - not a thing, and even wheat-back cents have been few and far between (way less than the 1% hit rate that I have averaged).

    Teller tray luck in halves continues though (any rolls I have looked at recently have been a skunk). Teller tray on Saturday got $1.50 and one was 1968-D. Was in Chicago last week and stopped into two banks - got $2 in halves from each ($4 total) and one was 1969-D.
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