How often do you change your pick-up arrangement?
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Thread: How often do you change your pick-up arrangement?

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    Feb 2010
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    How often do you change your pick-up arrangement?

    I hunted several million coins over the last 8 years. In the time Iíve moved time zones 3 times. Iíve been more stable lately and have had the same pick up arrangement for 4.5 years. Starting in October the boxes stopped yielding silver. My theory is the main drop off bank for everyone in the area tightened up due to the imbecile hunters having terrible etiquette and it forced them to change, ultimately ending up apparently in my supply chain. So now I have to adjust my pick up and dump situation. Iíve never stayed anywhere long enough that I needed to adjust. For those who have had to mix it up, how frequently have you had to?

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    I would do it every few months. It is easy to fall into a routine, but changing the frequency/volume periodically seems to also break up the routine at the courier. It stands to reason that the coins are processed in a manner as Last Coins In/First Coins Out. So if you pick up at the beginning of the week, another hunter could be dumping at the end of the week. In theory, if there are no new hunters and the same volume is hunted, then you are essentially picking up the other hunter's dumps.

    My pickup bank has 2 deliveries per week. Every so often I'll switch my order in volume and frequency to help "stir the pot".

    In addition, it is good practice to break up your routine from a security point of view. People are watching. I never drive straight home after pickup. Also, I take different routes home just to ensure that no one has followed. Crooks might not be interested in bricks of coin, but with the volume of coins that we handle, it is a substantial sum of which people lose their lives everyday across America for lesser amounts.
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    This was never an option for me. The same Loomis truck visits every bank within 50+ miles of me.



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