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Thread: 1977 D Silver Half Dollar Error?

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    All I did was post the various weight of halves for comparison. Without further evidence, my opinion is this coin is either a common clad whose copper core was obscured when the planchette was punched, or it is a common clad that has been plated, the former being a bit more likely than the latter. Weight the coin. That, alone, will tell much of the tale.
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    There's a small chance that your coin could have a rare planchet error: http://worldnumismaticnews.com/2018/...rth-big-money/

    If this is the case, then your coin could be worth a lot of money. Don't waste time dinging the coin to listen for a sound. Just weight the coin based on the measurements that other users have provided. If the coin weighs the same as a 90% silver Kennedy half dollar, then you should look into getting it authenticated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bidoof77 View Post
    I did a tissue test and a drop test safely and Iím starting to have my doubts this could would have been worth 4 figures if it was what I thought it was. I guess my question is can a small amount of clad show up on a silver clad Kennedy from 1965-1970. It is so so faded it looks like silver compared to other edges. I wonder if that just means the clad on the edge is faded. Can that happen? Or can it still be a piece of silver clad. I recognize that weighing it is the answer but I canít do that at this time
    If this is a 1977D struck on a silver planchet, it would be a 40% planchet which could show some clad layering but would not necessarily have to. It would look like the edge of a 1965 - 1970 Kennedy. The edges of those coins can have varying appearance.

    Although 1977D struck on 40% planchet is a real thing, it is unlikely. Any jeweler could weigh it for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Diver_Down View Post
    Perhaps, I'm misunderstanding your statement. But 40% half dollars and clad half dollars have the same diameter of 30.6mm and the same thickness of 2.15mm.

    Overall, I think the OP's coin is CuNi clad and it would be extremely remote that planchets used in '75 at the San Fran mint found their way to Denver years later. But the wrong planchet errors have shown up in '71 Kennedy halves along with Balboa's being struck on 40% planchets.
    My mistake. I was tired and thought the original coin was an Ike dollar.

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