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Thread: Back in Business (sort of)

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    Oct 2009
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    Back in Business (sort of)

    Banks are finally (somewhat) open in Massachusetts but appointments are required in order to go into the bank -- at least that's the way it is for my bank.

    I have a box of half-dollars waiting for me since around St. Patrick's Day. I've made an appointment to pick them up tomorrow morning. Until now, there was no way to pick them up (no drive-thru window, even if they could fit in the slot).

    But here's the catch -- my dump bank (a different branch of the same bank I acquire the coins) does not have its coin machine on line yet. It won't allow the coin machine to be available until the branch is fully open (no appointment needed) which is waiting for the CEO to make that call.

    I'm already sitting on a box of halves from the pre-COVID 19 era.

    Looks like I'll have to go into savings to buy the boxes of halves for the time being.

    How strange is that?

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    Feb 2007
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    Yesterday was the first time I was able to finally turn in my 2 boxes of halves that I've had sitting in the garage for over 2 months. The bank has only opened up the lobby in 2 branches and the other 4 are still closed to allow you inside. Plus, having the 6 ft distance between people inside and they removed the tables where you used to stand and write a check or use the adding machine, or rest the boxes while waiting in line. Thise boxes are heavy if you have to stand waiting for 20 minutes!!

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    Apr 2011
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    I feel your pain. I’m sitting on 4 boxes of halves. My dump bank doesn’t open till next Friday.

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    My bank (Community Bank, N.A.) opened their lobbies last Tuesday. I was told that I could restart exchanging this week. Then I got an email about an hour ago from the head teller at one branch, stating that they received an email from the head office stating that due to a coin shortage, branches are no longer allowed to place their own coin orders. So, until this passes, I have to keep waiting.
    As an act of goodwill, I offered to let them buy the coin that I usually trade with them as long as I can buy it back when they have enough in stock. I've done that before when they forgot to place an order. They do appreciate it. I just hope this doesn't last too long.


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    my coin machines will awaken from their hibernation in 13 days

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    Jun 2014
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    My coin machine lobbies opened back up yesterday so needless to say I ran in to clear out my half dollar backup.

    In doing so, many of the tellers also affirmed what srcdco mentioned in that the coin supply chain is still goofed up. "The Fed" isn't allowing them to place coin orders due to a shortage, not sure what is causing it. Perhaps the sorters/rollers were offline for awhile or they also mentioned that no one is picking up coin bags from them either which is likely a large source of their supply.

    In any case it will likely be awhile before I'll be able to get anyone to order coin for me again. In the meantime I'll just be glad to have gotten to deposit what I have before a second wave of this thing shuts everything back down.
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    Was able to pick up a box of halves yesterday and $400 in MWR of halves today, both banks I picked up from said they would resume my orders for next week. I suppose we'll see.
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    Posted a separate thread on this, but probably should have just put it here.

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