Half Dollar Box : Adding Insult to Injury
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Thread: Half Dollar Box : Adding Insult to Injury

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    Oct 2009
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    Half Dollar Box : Adding Insult to Injury

    While examining my latest (skunk) box -- that's 5 out of 6 so far in 2021 (exception is a single 40% coin), I started to notice that some of the rolls seemed a bit short.

    In fact, I counted one roll with only 16 coins!

    I stopped searching with 4 rolls left, took a picture, and spoke with the bank manager who assured me that it would make up the difference.

    I then counted the 46 rolls of halves that I had searched and discovered that I had only received 910 coins which left me 10 halves short.

    See for yourself -- I told the bank manager that I'd bring in the remaining rolls (which she will reimburse me $40) for her to use as evidence in her discussion with Loomis.

    I have found the odd short (19 coin) roll in the past, but this box was something else entirely.
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    Feb 2011
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    The same thing happened to me a few years ago. I also was shorted a complete roll (only 49 ), which the bank made good to me. The odd missing ones I just ate.

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    Aug 2012
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    That's happened to me, too. I just let it slide.

    You start raising a fuss and they start deciding your hobby isn't worth it.
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    Oct 2009
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    Quote Originally Posted by GlenDronach View Post
    That's happened to me, too. I just let it slide.

    You start raising a fuss and they start deciding your hobby isn't worth it.
    I have a good relationship with the bank. If I'm Loomis, I need to hear from the bank when it has a problem with the accuracy of their coin-rolling machine.

    These short rolls could just as easily have happened in a standard bank coin order (non-CRH).
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    Jun 2014
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    Same, I've had this happen as well. I've been shorted FIVE ROLLS before. A rare once in a while I'll get a box like this one though, where each of the rolls is short a coin or two, really sucks when it adds up.

    I notice with some boxes, I think the couriers accidentally (or un-accidentally) break them open, stuff back in what they can find rolling around the back of the armored car, and don't verify the count. Boxes come in taped up the best they can and missing a roll or two.
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    I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often. In the thousands of boxes I've searched only had this happen a few times. More often for me is the boxes have been damaged in transport. Getting dropped somewhere along the route from the warehouse to my car with a few rolls ending up loose. Never been $40 short though on a box. You might have the new record here! I know that for a while TD Bank's sorter - I think it was called "penny" - others here will remember - was shorting everyone. They got sued I believe and had to reimburse everyone who was a TD Bank customer who used the machine a certain percentage based on the amount they had run through the machine. I think I got a dollar or so! I only used it once and tested it with a couple rolls. I was shorted a couple dollars and immediately stopped and brought the teller over to look. They opened it up and there were my missing coins visible in various bags and in the internal reject bin. Last time I used that! Not trying to hijack your post here but just pointing out the cost of being a CRH. It was good you stood your ground but you may find they aren't so generous with giving you boxes to search in the future...

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    when you get 49 rolls of qtrs and tell the bank--- then they pop a few boxes open---- and they get 49 rolls--- the wheels start turning----- Loomis got crooks---
    always count your rolls...... and weigh 'em. THE MORE YOU KNOW!!!!
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    Feb 2011
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    On a brighter note get surprises on the square doodle tiered boxes. ton top of the rolls loose is sometimes a two dollar Canadian dollar ( happened at least four times). Sometimes its a foreign coin and once I got a token for the eye in London.

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    Dec 2020
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    I had the opposite issue recently. One of my rolls had an extra coin in it. It was Loomis also.

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    Feb 2012
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    I weigh my dime rolls, can tell very easy if over or short. One box was 12 coins short out of 11 rolls. I'm doing this weighing step if I know I'm going to reroll.
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    Apr 2020
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    My bank no longer has half dollars...and says they won't order any....
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    Dec 2006
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    For those that say not to say anything, I personally think there is an art to how and when to complain.

    As to the when:
    If you have an occasional roll or bag that is short a coin or two, probably best to eat the difference as you likely have had rolls/bags that were slightly over as well and just didn't notice. However, when there is a significant difference, I think it is worth bringing up. As I mainly did bags, the counts were almost always off a few coins one way or the other due to missorts or misc junk that was added to the bag. Personally, I just wrote that off as the cost of doing bags as it also meant I was getting the coins direct instead of after the courier so nothing was pulled. For $1000 bags of dimes for example, I would say something when I noticed that the bag was off by more than about $2 in either direction as I was buying all bags of pennies, nickels, and dimes, so the courier never would give them feedback that they were off if I didn't say anything and dimes were almost always the first bag in which the count was off.

    As to the how:
    In most cases unless you have a sealed box (or possibly sealed roll), all they can go on is your word as you have no proof of being shorted. In my case, I had a good relationship with the lead teller as I was there pretty much every week. As I never had any proof, I wouldn't demand that they pay up when short and instead just said I was letting them know about any shortages, but they always insisted on paying for the shortages. I also always offered to pay it back when the bag was over, but they always said they couldn't take it. As you likely have no real proof, you probably will have to soft play the shortage as being overly demanding will likely get you cut off from ordering coins as others have said. If the shortage was significant, such as 46 rolls in a sealed box or something more egregious, you can probably be a little more demanding, but just do it with the knowledge that they may still cut you off.

    In my case, the teller just said it must be time to recalibrate the coin machine and usually within a week or sometimes two the counts were back to correct.

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    May 2011
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    A little off topic but I opened a can of Vienna sausages last night and it only had 4 sausages in it. They usually have 7. This covid thing has everything screwed up.
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