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    Dec 2007
    Arizona & Wisconsin
    Minelab X-Terra 70 & ACE 250

    My First Hunt of 2008

    Picked up $210.00 in dimes at various banks, looked through all of them and found nothing older than a 1965. Found 1 foreign coin, a British 5 pence, in the mix. And to top it all off, when I took the dimes to the casino to dump them I got shorted $1.48! Go figure on that one? I had no pennies in the batch......She said, "That's what the machine says". What are ya gonna do?

    I'm working on my pennies now.

    I'm stuck with the pennies and dimes cuz seger98 is too stubborn to get some reading glasses He says "As long as I can see the dates on the halves, quarters, & nickels, I don't need glasses!" But he still uses a magnifying glass, LOL. Some men, I'll tell ya!
    [size=14pt][color=green]"Some people are so fond of bad luck they run half way to meet it!" - Douglas William Jerrold

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    Dec 2007
    Central Luzon, Philippines
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    Re: My First Hunt of 2008

    And we thought we can trust them casinos!!! They have all the money yet can't even count dimes. Aw shucks.
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    Jul 2007
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    Re: My First Hunt of 2008

    sounds like some of your dimes got counted as pennies- all part of the game. HH Mark
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    David Emslie

    Aug 2007
    Fort Collins, Colorado
    I just follow my nose!...where the silver and gold goes! Minelab 5000, Goldmaster, and a few others XRF spectrometer, Common sense.
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    Re: My First Hunt of 2008

    Ouch, yeah getting burned a bit can happen on a lot of dimes real easy.
    I like to go into banks at the end of the day and week and dump my halves. I almost always get a good amount of extra coins in the count. Sometimes as much as $12, but usually only a couple coins or a couple bucks.
    try turning in later int he day after others. that way whats stuck in the machine gets knocked lose for you!



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