Just back from an incredible lunch break!
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    Aug 2005
    Tacoma, WA

    Just back from an incredible lunch break!

    This may be old hat to some of you, but today at lunch time, I left work to hit a few banks that are close by. The first one I stopped at, I asked the teller if she had any 50 cent coins that I could buy. She said she had $4.50 and I told her that I'd buy them all. Then I asked the teller next to her, and she said "I've got $7.50, but they're old ones." I held my breath and asked if she'd sell them to me. She said sure, so I handed over the money. The old ones turned out to be 2 clad, 2-64's, and 11-40% coins. I hadn't gotten much luck before in asking for coins other than ordering boxes, but this showed me that you've got a chance to find them if you look under every rock.

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    Jan 2007
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    Re: Just back from an incredible lunch break!

    Great score!

    I think I'd be eating lunch at that bank everyday!


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    Dec 2006
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    Re: Just back from an incredible lunch break!

    Nice job SD. I agree....don't leave any rocks unturned. Even if it turns out to be nothing....what have you lost...maybe a little time.......you can't lose in this hobby.

    Keep plugging and good luck........

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    David Emslie

    Aug 2007
    Fort Collins, Colorado
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    Re: Just back from an incredible lunch break!

    I get a lot of tellers telling me the "but they are old" line.
    I can see why, so many banks I go into there are people always asking about the "new" quarters and the "new" dollars.
    As per my profession I can say that people love "Shinny"

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    Love to find the treasures here and the dog shows.

    Dec 2007
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    Re: Just back from an incredible lunch break!

    Yep I like shinny..... drives me crazy to get the filfthy silver. I want to clean em all. Have to tie my hands so I don't. Or keep them busy opening boxes.

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