Eisenhowers - worth the effort?
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    Eisenhowers - worth the effort?

    I was wondering about searching for the Ikes? Is it worth it and does anyone have any success? I see a few get sold on ebay in quantities of 25 for about $30 for the clad type. I have picked up a few and they only make the cashiers smile when I spend them.

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    Re: Eisenhowers - worth the effort?

    I would say no. Some here have tried to buy $1000 bags of Ikes and often times they arrive with less than $1000 worth of Ikes in the bag. You might get lucky and score an Ike that is 40% silver (worth about $4.29 at today's price based on silver content; less than what a 90% half is worth based on silver content).
    One or two ultra lucky posters have mentioned obtaining a couple of old silver dollars (Peace or Morgan) in their $1000 Ike bags, but most who post here and buy such bags do not get such trophies.

    To buy them above face value on ebay is crazy, unless you just want to build an Ike collection and can get a year you otherwise cannot obtain.

    I was buying Ikes from banks for a while (bought a few hundred or so), and never got anything special regarding the dates.

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    Jan 2008

    Re: Eisenhowers - worth the effort?

    I finally found my 1973D from a bag of IKE's, but I have definitely lost money on the bags in the long run.

    Locally, I cannot find anyone willing to pay more than face for these coins.

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    Re: Eisenhowers - worth the effort?

    Lots of work, low return. Cheaper to by Comm. halves from a dealer. Xmas time is when the clad Ikes sell good on Ebay.
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    Re: Eisenhowers - worth the effort?

    I will agree they are lots of work. I have bought them from banks with the hopes of finding some large silver morgan or peace dollars but no luck. I did sell a lot of 35 ikes for double face to a collector but that is rare and has not happend since. I just went through the pain of selling two lots of 30 on Feebay. They sold for 29 dollars a lot respectively. I would have lost money but luckily I made sure I was covered by my shipping costs. I only broke even. I plan on using the rest of my ikes to pay for gas etc. Still if tellers offer them i may buy them just to see if they are silver.

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