should I send my Fugio out for conservation/slabbing??
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    should I send my Fugio out for conservation/slabbing??


    Dug this Fugio cent a few days back. I know it isnt in great condition, but I was thinking about sending it out for conservation/cleaning and to have it slabbed. Anyone think it is worthwhile doing??
    Also, where is the best place to have it done?? I was thinking of using Numismatic Conservation Services....thoughts??


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    Re: should I send my Fugio out for conservation/slabbing??

    For me I would not give it a thought, first off, colonial collectors in general do not like slabbing the coin, and your coin might look worst cleaned, even if done by NCS, not sure, hard to say from the photo. I would doing a gentle cleaning, drying thoroughly and perhaps waxing or Blue Ribbon it, but again, it depends on the corrosion factor which is too hard to tell by the photo.

    But, the decision is yours, I am sure many would say "send it away and get professionally cleaned" which is fine, but do your homework and look at the before and after photos if you can find any of ground found coppers. Miracles do not happen with them. NCS will even say they can remove corrosion, but pock marks might be left remaining.

    There is a forum on NCS somewhere, I used to read it and perhaps you can post your coin on that forum, if I remember correctly one of the conservators answers questions about whether the coin could be improved or not. Just not sure, but I strongly suggest thoroughly researching on their site to help you make your decision.

    Also, if anybody has sent one there for cleaning and slabbing, maybe they could post before and after shots, or at least comment on what they thought about it post fact.......... (Read FAQ section also) (Forum/Chat board link)

    "The mantra has always been don't clean a (copper) coin or it will lose value.
    For undug coins this is true. For dug coins this is untrue.
    The value will increase with judicious cleaning."

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    Re: should I send my Fugio out for conservation/slabbing??

    I think that I agree with Don in SJ.

    I would send the coin to be conserved and slabed. If the coin were mine I would (VERY CAREFULLY) try the hot peroxide and Q-tip method, followed up with the wax.

    This brings me to a question that I have...... Probably not the spoy for it but here it is.

    When I clean my ground found coppers I follow up with a very generous coat of Vaseline, warm the coin under a lamp and then wipe off excess Vaseline. This seems to work pretty well for me.
    How does my Vaseline method compare to wax or Blue Ribbin Coin Conditioner?

    I could post several before and after pics. ( This should be in the Cleaning and preservation section)


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    Re: should I send my Fugio out for conservation/slabbing??

    If that is just dirt I see all I would do is use a little water and gradually thin it out to show more detail, and stop if I didn't like the way it was going. If if it's more than lose dirt I would peroxide it and let air dry. (no water) I would not do anything more.

    There's no point to sending that coin in.



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