1943 D steel cent
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    1943 D steel cent

    I thought these were worth more than 25 cents? I could swear I've heard of them going for at least 600

    Was I misinformed long ago, or did something change?
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    Re: 1943 D steel cent

    In circulated grades with no corrosion, you might realize 25 cents each. The problem is that there are plenty of uncirculated examples for the coin collecting community to choose from as many people at the time squirreled them away due to their novelty. From a collector's point of view, why would you settle for a circulated grade when you could get a uncirculated example for very little cost?

    The large value you reference is probably related to the 1943 copper cent. Some were struck on the wrong planchet, but very few left the Mint. Some, genuine specimens have sold for more than $10,000. There are numerous fakes ranging from copper-plated steel cents to 1948 cents with the 8 cut in half.



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