Private Mint silver rounds Vs. American Eagles
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    Apr 2011
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    Private Mint silver rounds Vs. American Eagles

    Silver is falling and im looking to buy some one oz coins. This is my first time buying multiple oz's of silver at one time. I was wondering what i would get the better return on. On provident metals 2012 eagles are going for 32.20 per, Maple Leafs are $31.80. The generic rounds go for 30.60 per. Is it better to save a few bucks and get the generic rounds or put out the little bit of extra money to get the ASE's or Silver Maple leafs?

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    Well silver is silver...I don't know about any premiums on certain coins but if I were buying it for an investment I wouldn't even care. Get it for as cheap as you can and hope it goes up.

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    Private mint rounds can have interesting designs that could look better than ASEs. Also, you can have more variety in your collection.

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    i would buy the generic rounds because its the best bang for your buck.

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    As long as the rounds are .999 One Troy ounce go with the generic. Some of the become collectible due to the design.

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    Rounds are just silver weight. I have been an avid collector for years and ASE is the way to go unless you just want a lot of weight

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    Some private mint rounds carry a hefty premium. People really seem to like the Englehard rounds. I agree with the others though, you are investing in silver.... get it as cheaply as you can as long as it's .999
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