Should I buy this?
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    Sep 2013
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    Should I buy this?

    Hi-I came across someone selling the following list of coins/sets for $700 or best offer and was hoping that a few people with a little more experience with coins than myself could let me know if it is a good deal or not. Here is the list:

    3 - 1973 Eisenhower un-circulated 40% silver
    2 - 1973-D un-circulated set
    2 - 1973 un-circulated set
    1 - 1974-s Dollar
    15 - 1974-S proof dollars
    11 - 1974-S proof sets
    12 - 1974-S un-circulated dollar 40% silver
    14 - 1974-D un-circulated set
    14 - 1974 un-circulated set
    5 - 1975-S proof sets
    5 - 1975-D un-circulated sets
    5 - 1975 un-circulated sets
    4 - 1976-S proof sets
    5 - 1976-D un-circulated sets
    5 - 1976 un-circulated sets
    2 - 1976 1st coinage set
    5 - 1976 bicentennial Silver proof set
    3 - 1977-S proof sets
    5 - 1977-D un-circulated sets
    5 - 1977 un-circulated sets
    5 - 1978-S proof sets
    5 - 1978-D un-circulated sets
    5 - 1978 un-circulated sets
    5 - 1979 Denver un-circulated Souvenir sets
    3 - 1980-S proof sets
    4 - 1980-D un-circulated sets
    4 - 1980 un-circulated sets
    5 - 1985 un-circulated sets
    5 - 1985-D un-circulated sets
    1 - 1984-S Prestige proof set w/Olympic Silver proof dollar
    90 - silver dimes
    12 - silver quarters
    1- 1953 silver half
    15 - rolls of wheat pennies
    1 - 1974 India Proof set
    2 - 1971 Decimal Coins of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

    3 - 1972 Coinage of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
    3 - 1973 " " " " " " "
    3 - 1974 " " " " " " "
    3 - 1975 " " " " " " "
    2 - 1976 " " " " " " "
    3 - 1977 " " " " " " "
    6 - 1972 George Washington Bicentennial Medal
    12 - 1973 Samual Adams/Patrick Henry Bicentennial Medals
    3 - 1974 John Adams Bicentennial Medals

    Any advice/thoughts would be appreciated-Thanks!!!

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    You'll probably just have to look them up one at a time and add them up. I don't see anything particularly rare or valuable listed here.

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    Hello ckm,
    All of the coins listed here are of very modern issues. There is very little silver. They have listed "P" and "D" unc. sets. If they were government issued coins, the P&D of that year would be one set. They are trying to make it look like there are more items. Go to your local library and find reference books listing the coins you may be interested in collecting. Better yet, buy at least a "Red Book" so you will have a fairly good idea what U.S. coins are worth. I recommend visiting a couple of coin shops to look around and ask questions. Also, when you visit a coin store you can buy smaller quantities, and pick out better looking
    (condition) coins. $700 is a piece of change right now in these recession times. This is America. You can do what you want, but I would have to pass on this offer.
    Good Luck,

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    Unless you are buying this th resell, I would stay away from it and buy only small quantities of each thing.
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    at a glance over 300 coins/rolls, a little more than 2 bucks each sounds ok. I would need photos if I were buying, and look them up first. good luck.
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    My first instinct is to pass on this given all the mint sets (US and UK) and other modern coinage. I have bought collections/lots several times and there is no substitute for doing the work to value each item (I find that sold listings on ebay are a good resource most of the time). If you do that you will see that the modern mint and proof sets do not bring much and will take a lot of work to sell (and I think the medals are bronze and do not attract much interest). If you value the coins and it turns out that this is a real steal, you may want to consider it, but short of a really great deal I would not buy a collection like this.

    If it were me, I would tell the seller that you really have no use for a lot of these items and try to assemble a smaller lot consisting of the non-silver items you want for your own collection (and keep them rather than try to flip them) and all the silver items. I would value that stuff, come up with a number that works for you and make an offer on that basis.

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    Better off buying bullion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CC-Hunter View Post
    My first instinct is to pass on this given all the mint sets (US and UK) and other modern coinage.
    That was my first thought exactly.

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    Yea...I think I would pass....Although there COULD be money made on this, I dont think you would be happy with the return. it would be a shot in the dark on people wanting to purchase...Now if you could get it for around 400....then i would jump on it

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    Sep 2013
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    Thought I might add a link to pictures of the coins:

    HUGE Lot Coin Collection Whole Lot, One Price

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    I think I'd pass the mint sets don't seem to do very well, especially those after 1964.

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    if you are buying as an investment....research and buy a gold coin or two.....(U.S.), always a good market for those and they hold value well.



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