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Thread: Silver Quarters From Coinstars?

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    Aug 2012
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    Is there another reject tray other than the one on the bottom front that is like a small cup?
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    Sep 2011
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    Keith, 15 bucks is not good? lol
    Pacific Searcher, those are nice #'s in that amount of time!
    I've managed two rosie's, a 1940 quarter, several wheats including one steel, (a real nice 43s) a bunch of foreign coins and a bunch of regular change.
    First rosie was in the reject with a zinclon. Second was actually on the ledge next to the basket stacked up with a plastic Lincoln cent and a big $5 hong kong coin.
    The steal wheat was with a bunch of regular change and in the reject bin. The 40 quarter was in the reject bin with a new quarter and dime.
    Several times I have scooped up a good handful outtat the bin only to find just regular change.
    Also, I find change in the basket, up on top of the machine or on top of any close countertop or top of the recycle bins, etc.
    My very first silver from the coinstar was down through the holes in the basket. It's a small sterling box chain necklace. I keep a new #2 pencil with two way tape on the erasure end and fish things out. No gold.....YET!
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    Sorry Honey, I can’t. I’ve got plans with my metal detector.

    Nov 2013
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben Cartwright SASS View Post
    Is there another reject tray other than the one on the bottom front that is like a small cup?
    Yes, there is an internal reject chute that swallows keepers, and doesn’t include or tabulate the total of the customers change... only about 10% makes it to the external reject tray....
    It is called the “dirt cup” and no doubt every Coinstar rep has a hell of a collection.
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    Mar 2017
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    Quote Originally Posted by Swaveab View Post
    I have to say that I've found just about everything else 25 cents and under out of coinstars, but no silver quarters. Has anyone else found silver quarters or does the coinstar machine accept those? It kicks out the silver Rosies due to weight so I would assume it should do this for a silver Washington too. Anyone getting them?
    I found two last year, a 1955 and a 1957-D. They're out there, but you'll have far better luck with dimes. It's been 40 years since I found one in change.

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    Mar 2012
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    My father told me when they switched in 1964 from silver to clad the quarters disappeared pretty quickly. His family owned a restaurant that had a juke box in it back a long time ago during the Savin rock days in Connecticut. Not sure if any of you older guys remember that. I am to young. Anyway he said every Friday the owner of the juke box used to come in and my father who was about 12 at the time would look through all the silver coins and pick out the ones he wanted and his father would give the man the money. He said quarters were tuff to find back then even a couple years after the switch.

    As others have said they circulate probably the most and they are easiest for people to see in pocket change. Dimes go unseen for the most part.

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    Jul 2015
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    mark1982, I've no doubt a silver quarter is more readily seen and maybe that is the reason for not being found in a coinstar machine, but anyone who is that concerned of silver will look for the silver dimes as well. I'm thinking there's another factor involved and may even be dropping to that internal catch due to the high weight compared to a clad. Who knows? I just know I haven't gotten one as of yet even though many dimes have passed through. Someone checking for silver quarters will look for silver dimes as well and that's my thought on the theory of those just spotting them quicker.

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    Sep 2014
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    We have a couple......but more dimes than anything else.
    We might not be able to take it with us; but at least we can enjoy it after finding it!!!

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    Found this...

    "...The machines are calibrated to accept coins which fit a pre-determined size range, weight range and material composition. If the coin is not within those ranges in size and weight the machine will reject it. The range is limited and corresponds to expected wear for the coins during its lifetime. Coins which are damaged will be rejected as will foreign coins, or items that aren't the correct material composition. Sometimes the machines will make a mistake in sorting and if you run the coin a second time it will process. A pre-1965 US coin made of silver will reject as the material composition won't be recognized by the machine. The same is true for wartime silver nickels (1942-1945), steel pennies and other oddities..."
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    Aug 2008
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    Got one today - 1964. Also got two Canadian dimes and a lithium watch battery.

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