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Thread: Coinstar FOMO

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    Mar 2005
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    Coinstar FOMO

    Normally FOMO is Fear of Missing Out, but in this case it's more accurately Frustration.

    How have you reconciled with the fact that every day, there are Coinstar treasures that you'll miss out on. And worse, valuable coins are being thrown away like garbage, and there's nothing you can do to save all of them.

    I thought of that the other day, along with the idea that Coinstar's very existence has caused an increase in coins ending up in the trash.

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    Feb 2013
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    I always glance in the trash can next to coin machines. Maybe about 10% of the time find foreigns chilling on top of a baggie or something of the sort.

    The one that really bothers me more so than coins getting trashed is coins getting squished. I feel bad for my wife cause every time I see one of those machines I immediately go into complaining mode. I can just see it in my head...

    "DADDY! DADDY! I want a dinosaur coin!"
    Dad pulls out two quarters and a VDB.

    Three hours later...
    "What happened to your dinosaur coin, son?"
    "I don't know..."

    How many innocent wheats have been lost to these machines?!?
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    Oh the Horror
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    Dont think about it it stresses me out lol
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