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    Jul 2008
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    Face Lift

    A woman in her early fifties,decides she wants to get a face lift.
    She calls a specialist and sets up an appointment.
    The day of her appointment,the doctor explains the usual procedures!
    He then tells her,he has a completely new procedure,that required the installation
    of a teeny,tiny little knob,on the scalp,and it is so small,your hair hides it.
    To use it,just turn the knob one click,and it will firm up your face by the next morning.
    She decides to try this procedure and has the surgery done.
    After her surgery,the knob is turned,one click.
    The next morning,the woman can not believe the improvement,she looked 15 years younger.
    She is extremely pleased and is released to go home.
    About a year later,she decides she needed firming a little,so she gives the tiny knob a click.
    Next morning,she is renewed again looking much much younger.
    About three years later,she gets up one morning,and has these HUGE bags under her eyes.
    So she calls the doctor,and he tells her to come in immediately.
    When she gets there,he starts examining her!
    He says,how many clicks did you give the knob anyway?
    First she says,well,a couple,then maybe more than a couple.
    The doctor says,i guess so,my gosh,those are your boobs under your eyes.
    The woman hesitates and says:

    Well,i guess that would explain the gotee then!

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    Re: Face Lift

    I'll respond as soon as I stop laughing....thats funny

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    Jul 2008
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    Re: Face Lift

    Quote Originally Posted by stefen
    I'll respond as soon as I stop laughing....thats funny
    Glad you liked it !

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    Re: Face Lift

    Who needs Cartwheel Pennies anyway?

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    Re: Face Lift



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