The Three Kick Rule
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    Mar 2005
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    The Three Kick Rule

    A lawyer is hunting pheasants one day and shoots a nice rooster that lands just over the fence on another farmers land. He sets down his gun and starts to crawl through the fence when the farmer says 'Where do you think you're going, you can't trespass.'

    The lawyer says "i'm just going to retrieve the bird I shot." And the farmer replies "Oh no you're not, you can't trespass on my land."

    The lawyer syas "I have the right to retrieve my game even if it is on your land!" And the farmer replies "And I have the right to shoot trespassers!"

    The lawyer tells the farmer that he will sue him and win in court. And the farmer tells him that by then the bird will have been eaten, and that there is a way to settle this like men, right here in the field.

    The lawyer asks how, and the farmer explains the Three Kick Rule. Each man gets to kick the other three times, and the one left standing gets to keep the bird. Well, the lawyer thought, he doesn't look like much, I'm sure I can take three from him and give him three that will knock him into the next county, so he agrees to let the farmer kick first.

    The farmer hauls off and kicks the lawyer in the knee so hard the guy almost lost his lunch it hurt so bad. But the lawyer remained standing.

    The second kick went to the lawyers shin and he knew there was at least a hair-line fracture to his leg, but he sucked up the pain and remained standing.

    "Alright, one more and I am going to kick you to death!' the lawyers tells him.

    The farmer hauls off and kicks him right in the groin, a solid kick that lifts the lawyer off the ground, crushes everything that got hit, yet somehow he came down on his feet and stayed there, though he couldn't see for five minutes it hurt so bad.

    Finally he catches his breath and thinks he has recovered enough to take his turn at the farmer. He says "OK, get ready, cause I am going to give you the worst kicking anyone ever had."

    He was big enough to do it too. The farmer looks him over and says "Nah, that's OK, you can have the bird.", and walks away.

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    Re: The Three Kick Rule

    E-9000 headphones (don't use them often)
    bullseye II

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    Re: The Three Kick Rule

    Heard that one when I was kickin the slats out of my cradle...but just as funny today as when I heard it %#@(&^$ yeras ago.

    Now let me tell you the one about the Old lady and her monkey day a man---------------



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