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    No Units

    Joe was woken late one night by a noise in his back yard. He got out of bed and went and looked out of his window to see someone trying to break into his garage. Being the responsible citizen, he called the police department and reported the crime in progress, the police operator told him it would be some time because they had no police units available at the moment and please call later. Frustrated, Joe hung up and went and looked out of the window again, to see the scumbag had almost gotten in to his garage. Joe called the police back and informed the operator, " Hi it's Joe again, don't worry about sending any police units round, I've just shot the intruder" then hung up. In less than 5 minutes, there were 15 police cars a SWAT van and a helicoptor, and a police chief to-boot. The police arrested the intruder and the Chief said to Joe, "I thought you said you had shot the guy", Joe looked him in the eye and said "I thought you said there were NO police units available". No charges were brought against Joe

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    Re: No Units

    Yup, that is one way to get them there in a hurry.
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