Truth is funnier than fiction!
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    Truth is funnier than fiction!

    An article in today's newspaper. Not too funny to the victim , but hillarious to the reader.
    A 43 year old man and his 38 year old girlfriend had stopped at Taco Bell and had a couple dozen tacos after imbibing a massive quantity of beer. Since it was too early in the day to go back to the trailer they thought it would be fun to walk about a mile to the Arkansas River bridge and spit off the bridge into the water. (It obviously didn't take much to entertain them). About halfway across the bridge they stopped and a passing motorist reported he saw them leaning against the bridge railing kissing passionately.(Ain't love grand?) Shortly thereafter the authorities were notified that a lady was in the water yelling for help. The fire department arrived with their boat and fished out the young lady in question who had been washed up onto a shallow waist deep sand bar by the swiftly flowing current. When questioned the guy's story was that they had been making out and spitting in the river when she leaned over too far and fell in. Her story however was that when she leaned over to spit into the swift current some 50' below, he grabbed her up by the legs and buttocks and threw her in. Authorities report she was suffering from a few cuts and bruises and a little bit of hypothermia, but otherwise was ok. He on the other hand will miss out on a night of bliss because he is in the county jail booked for attempted murder. The moral of story? I guess it's not to eat too many tacos, drink too much beer and go spit in the river, especially, don't pi$$ off your love interest in the process? So, now you know what we do for entertainment around my home town. But I usually wait until summer to throw the old lady in because the water is much warmer. She and I were both reading the article and were rolling in the floor making up punch lines to go with the article! M nty
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