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Thread: Hand signals for carpenters

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    Hand signals for carpenters

    The other day I was watching a friend building an addition to his home. While I was there a couple of hired carpenters a man and a woman, were working. It was real interesting because it was awful loud and the carpenters were using hand signals to communicate.

    "See that?" My friend asked me. "That man just pointed at his eye, patted his knee, and pointed at his teeth. That means he wants the woman to bring him some nails. " eye kneed some teeth (nails)".

    And the woman carpenter brought nails. After that, the man signs to other carpenter again. He points at his eye, pats at his knee an points at his thigh. " That means he needs a hammer. Eye kneed a ham", my friend informed me. But this time the woman carpenter didn't just hand him a hammer like she did with the nails. She signed something back and ran down the driveway towards the street.

    Well, the man carpenter comes down and asks "Where the heck did she go? I told her l need a hammer!"

    No sooner were the words out of his mouth when the other carpenter comes running back, hammer in hand. As soon as he saw her comming my friend just about fell over laughing. I asked him what was funny.

    He says "I just learned a new Carpenter's Sign. That woman pointed at her eye, pointed at her left breast, then pointed at her crotch before she ran off.

    What did that sign mean I asked my friend.

    " She said, 'eye left tit in the box'"
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