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Thread: Text message

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    Nov 2011
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    Text message

    A guy gets a text message from his neighbor. "Hi Bill, I have been feeling guilty so I decided to come clean and tell you I have been sharing your wife for the past year. I really want to pay you something for this. Your neighbor, George."

    Bill is furious, grabs his shotgun, goes next door and shoots the guy. On his way back he sees he got another text message. "Hi Bill, me again. That darned text fill-in on my phone changed wifi to wife. I'm sure you knew it was just a mistake. --George"
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    dumb auto correct
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    Sep 2014
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    People get used to auto-correct and kids today don't know a darn thing about spelling or grammar because of it.

    Remember kids- proper capitalization is the difference between helping your Uncle Jack off a horse, and helping your uncle jack off a horse!
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    Feb 2012
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    I do hate otto carrot, ought to caret, *%$#@#, when it changes what I type!
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    Dec 2015
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