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Thread: Florida man trying to steal roommate’s prescription pills tricked into taking laxativ

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    Florida man trying to steal roommate’s prescription pills tricked into taking laxativ


    By Katherine Lam | Fox News

    A Florida man who thought he was taking his roommate's prescription pills got a rude awakening when he was caught red-handed taking what later turned out to be laxatives, police said.

    Peter Emery, 56, was arrested last Thursday and booked on charges of petit theft and violation of probation on prior possession charges after he was caught on video taking the pills from his roommate, WFLA reported.

    Jayme Ream told WFLA he had a feeling that Emery was stealing his prescription pills and decided to set up a camera in his room to catch the 56-year-old in the act.

    "So, Monday night when I got the camera I also bought a bottle of ex-lax [a type of laxative pills] and I transferred the pain pills and moved the pain pills out and put the ex-lax in the other bottle," Ream told the news station. "And put it in there for him [Emery] to get."

    Ream said Emery took the bait and was spotted on video taking what he thought was Ream’s prescription medication.

    "He put a laxative in a bottle, knowing someone was going to steal it again, or truly believing that," Pinellas Park Police Lt. Adam Geissenberger said. "In this case, somebody did steal it and, fortunately, regardless of who it was who took it, it wasn't a dangerous substance that was going to harm that person."

    Emery’s family said the 56-year-old has a history of using opioids and had recently completed a rehab program.
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    thats one way to flush someone out.
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    I love it thats funny
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    I was reading through some of these threads and came across this one and just had to share. Back in the late 80's or early 90's, my husband came home with a tube of chocolate chip cookie dough and a package of exlax. He told me he wanted me to bake the cookies with the laxatives in them. I was like, "Why? Are you having issues?" He said they were for someone at the shop. I cut up a couple pieces to add to the cookie dough and he was like, "No, no. Put all of it in there!" I protested, " I can't do that! It could be really bad!" He informed me that they had a thief at the shop. They all were getting their lunches raided and pretty much knew who it was, but he denied it and the theivery persisted. It had been going on for quite a while. So, I reluctantly, baked the cookies as ordered. When setting the trap, my husband came to his senses and only planted a couple of cookies in the refrigerator. They were stolen. My husband made a statement, "Oh no! Who stole my special cookies?" The guys (most of whom knew what was going on) asked, "Special cookies? What special cookies? Why were they special?" To which my husband replied that he had issues and I baked them special for him. I guess the guy still didn't fess up, but when the special cookies started working, there was no denying who the theif was and he was immediately fired.
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